Ms. Matters...When everything really does matter....

6 years ago

The title Ms. Matters was brought to my attention by my youngest son. He proudly announced while eating dinner I should be named Ms. Matters.

 Now, I can assure you he has no knowledge of the infamous Miss Manners, nor Dear Abbie, or the likes of any advice guru!

I looked at him instantly feeling I was under attack, but within seconds I realized it was with sheer innocense this phrase was coined. I asked him why? He proceeded to explain, "because everything matters to you mommy."

With great anticipation I asked him to explain. He smiled as peeked over his glasses with his big blue eyes and slowly began, with what was a very honest and might I add accurate laundry list. Ranging from what he ate, to what he wore, to the positioning of the pillows on the couch. Which top sheet went with which fitted sheet, and why it was good thing they did not match.

I was quick to explain he was totally correct. I have been known to lose sleep over finding just the right piece of art, or which charger to use for that special dinner. Why I "feel" a plaid napkin would be best, or why we just need just one more Hudson Bay blanket.


 There has been countless treasure hunts by and for my clients. Looking for just that one perfect item that will perfectly complete their room!  I thank my lucky stars for Ebay, in fact sometimes its just to plain easy, with the world just fingertips away!

Recently, the final phase of my makeover at R.Funnyfarm was finished! This is my small and very modest country home. When I chose the name I quickly realized the farm was not suited to Rambling Hills or Maple Lane. You can only put so much lipstick on a pig. It's a sous ear, but my sous ear, and I love it!

I have spent the last 12 years basically single raising three small children, who well, aren't so small any more. It's amazing what miracle grow can do! Somewhere along the way I got brave enough to purchase this small farm, which is truly a story book, with chickens a lovely horse, some alpacas, and the original farm home. Now with this story booker came all the charm and work one could want, but thats a whole other blog!

Looking back I realize how profound his statement was. Every item, and I mean every item right down to the paper napkins mattered.Every decision and purchase had meaning,from the huge basket of vintage baseballs to my mothers splatterware, and a somewhat out of control obsession with vintage croquet sets. I snatched these up as if there was going to be a shortage! But see my boys played baseball, and I love family croquet. I felt compelled to stock the bookcases with vintage Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys books.  Not forgetting the stacks of Hudson bays, and  beautiful family quilts.

I guess what I am saying is I do believe it all really does matter. It's not about the materialistic items or the amount you spend. Many of my favorite pieces outside of family ones, have come from antique malls and flea markets. But they say something about our family  and truly make our house a home. I think a home is a true gathering place. Where family should come first and be surrounded by things that evoke comfort and love!

When you drive up our "lane" it is truly a step back in time and the stress of daily life melts away. I only wish this was our full time residence.


Here is to finding your families treasures!

Anna Marie                                         

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