Moving On......

4 years ago
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I am supposed to write about my favorite summer food and whether I prefer eating inside or outside.

But today, my baby girl has her "Moving On" ceremony from Elementary school. She will be moving on to Middle School in the fall of 2014. As of 12:45pm today, my Lea Jane will be a rising 7th grader.

Today marks the end of our family's experience at the neighborhood elementary school. For the last 8 years I have been taking my girls to Hidden Valley. K-6. Grace moved on last year.

Lea will be going to a different Middle School than the one Grace is attending. It is not a popular choice with everyone but it is the CORRECT choice for my girls.

Lea started Kindergarten at the age of 4. She was a "high spirited" child. Full of vim and vigor and fits and starts. I had to get her into a full time situation that could challenge her. Around 3rd grade I was knee deep in regret over my choice to kick start her education. By 5th grade I was considering having her repeat a grade just to gain some confidence in the classroom. Instead I paid a small canoe of money to have her "tested" and evaluated. What was her deal? ADHD? Dyslexia?


Lea was neither. Lea was brilliant. Lea was bored. Lea was lazy. Lea was too social (as if...). Lea was young.  

Today, I think her teacher will have nice things to say about my child. She picked up her efforts this year. She worries about the Middle School workload and the pressure to "be smart". I dissuade this type of thinking because I know what is in her. She is a success. Always. In everything. It must be a burden. She carries it around like it is.

Her sister has to scratch and claw for every single victory. The hand of fate laid a weighty burden on my Grace. Lea breezes and does not revel in any success. Grace battles and wants to stand in her light. Two very different girls. Both fruits of my loins and labor. The gene pool confuses me.

I am proud of Lea. I have to fight my tendency to expect more from her. Lea will be 11 years old when she starts 7th grade. That is young. She will be with the majority of her peer group. That is why she is going to a different school than Grace. Middle School is all about peer groups.  As usual, I will do as much advance work as I can to insure Lea's path to success is unencumbered. I did it for Grace and I will do it for Lea. As long as they will let me, I will continue to provide FULL access to everything they need. The world will block me soon enough. I know it.

Today I will celebrate my youngest daughter in an arena in which I personally excelled. She will brush off all of my compliments and pride. I already know it.

Last night, before she went to bed, she sat in my lap and hugged me. She said I was the best mom, woman, person she knows. She said she loves me and she kissed me on my cheek.

Today, I will barely get a smile. She knows it and I know it. Last night was my gift in advance.

I will be proud and I will also be a bit sad. The innocence of elementary school is about to be behind us. It is definitely a "moving on". I think we are ready.

Although it is not relevant. It is happening. Today.

In three hours.

I should go.  

If it were summertime, I would have to say my favorite food is corn on the cob and summer melons. If I am given a choice, I usually choose to eat inside. I do not like bugs, breezes, uncomfortable chairs or loud people. All of these things are found outside. So glad I did not have to write on topic today.

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