Moving In

5 years ago

When the time comes for your loved one to move out of their home and into a place where adequate care can take place, there are many questions to consider. As our loved ones age; disabilities, illnesses and other problems arise that present the dilemma of where to move them. In this time of economic uncertainty many caregivers are having their loved one move in with them. Before this can be done, it’s important to think carefully about living arrangements and how they will affect your daily life and family.

By making an assessment of your future and your goals you will be able to make a more sound decision, rather than one you may regret down the road.

These questions should help you to assess your situation and move forward with your decisions in greater confidence. Feel free to print this article out and write out your answers so that you can come back to them if needed.


  • Are the living conditions that you will offer your loved ones easily adaptable?


  • Is your home safe or can it be modified to sufficiently meet the needs of your loved one?


  • How do others in your family feel about your loved one moving in? Beyond initial reactions, do you believe they will be able to adapt to a new living situation?


  • Do you communicate well with your loved one? Are there any factors or underlying issues that may hamper your ability to communicate openly?


  • Are there any fundamental beliefs or house rules that your loved one may not be able to cope with?


  • Will your loved one’s privacy needs be met in their new living quarters? (i.e. will they have a private room, bathroom?)


  • If things do not go well, is there a contingency plan for an alternate living arrangement?


  • How much care does your loved one need? Can you realistically provide the necessary care?


  • If outside care is needed, are you willing to make those arrangements? Have you and your loved one discussed long-term care?

 Also consider any foreseeable obstacles that you may encounter down the road. After you have answered these questions. Take some time to reflect and come back to your answers. Moving a loved one into your home is a difficult and significant decision that will affect several lives. Remember that it’s OK to say no and realize that what is best for your loved one may not be best for you and your family.  Whichever decision you make, continue to maintain a loving and open line of communication with your loved one. And pride yourself on the in depth consideration you have given this and good decision making you have done.

If you believe that the Elizabeth Hospice can support you in any way please feel free to contact us at any time.

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