Moving On

5 years ago

"Moving on, no matter how much it hurts, is our way of loving ourselves enough when others don't." - Issa Mas

I did something the other day that I thought was stupid immediately afterward - I read a letter from "The Ex".  It made me a bit melancholy, which is why I thought it was a stupid thing to do once I was done reading it, but in the end I am glad that I did.  It made me realize that it was so smart to move on with my life, and that's when the quote above came to me.  I have a friend who is dealing with a recent break-up of her own, and when I shared that quote with her, it made her realize that she will be better for moving on as well. 

Sometimes, moving on hurts like hell.

Sometimes, moving on feels like "giving up", which we are taught never to do.

Sometimes, moving on makes us feel like a failure.

Yet, sometimes, when we move on, we aren't "giving up" at all - we are choosing to be loyal to ourselves...and sometimes, for the very first time in our lives.

If you have just broken up with someone and it hurts like hell, I understand.  Believe me, I do.  Allow yourself the process of feeling the pain - because what you resist, persists.  It's hard to lose someone you believed in.  You are mourning a loss, and there is nothing you can do to speed the process along except, paradoxically, being still with the pain.  Just know, if you have chosen to move on from someone with whom a relationship is just too painful (or unhealthy, or dishonest, or unkind, or etc., etc.), you are choosing to love yourself enough to make yourself a priority in your own life.  Be proud that you are rooting your life in a space of self-worth, allow yourself whatever feelings you are feeling, and know that one day you will find an old letter from that person - and while it may make you the slightest bit melancholy, you will find yourself raising your chin and smiling wisely, because you will feel certain that you took care of you when you needed to the most.  You will be more than okay, sooner than you can imagine right now.  I promise.

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