Mother's Day 2012 Dahlinks

6 years ago
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Today was Mother's day. It's still a weird one.


Although I have got Izzy, I still struggle to think of myself as a "mother". Not because I don't love the ginge or anything like that (heaven forbid - she is the best thing ever), but because I don't have a single maternal bone in my body. 


I remember when Izzy was a baby; I would be cradling her in my arms and passers-by would casually ask me why I was holding a rugby ball? The technique never came easy. I always looked and felt stiff when it came to nuturing babies. When I rocked them, I looked like a human Newton's Cradle.


And things haven't changed much as she has gradually grown. On occasion, I have tried to organise

cook-ins whereby me and Izzy spend the day in the kitchen baking cup-cakes and the like. But to be honest I find cooking a bit bloody boring and would rather drive her to a theme park and bung her on a roller coaster.


At first I felt a bit guilty, (because Izzy LOVES cooking) but then I realised that Izzy has loads of superb 'Aunties' who fill the gap. In particular Auntie Sarah from Leeds, and Auntie Gary from Castleford. And Auntie Clare who spends loads of time playing with her. 


The girl is doing good. And just because I am not at all  maternal doesn't mean I don't know how to show affection. We cuddle all the time, and I have taught Izzy how to kiss me in a pope-like way on the top of my hand. I am going to start wearing crimson more often and get her to do it in public. 


Any, enough of my rantings........ I have got some photographs of my marvellous Mothering Sunday ..... enjoy ....... (they are split up into three sections: 1. Presents; 2. Walk in the countryside; and 3. Dinner in Oxford).



Pic.No.1 Izzy and Steve turned up with the most beautiful bunch of all-white flowers including lilies, roses and chrysanthemums ...... and Iz helped me put them into the vase


Pic.No.2 Izzy made this fantastic Mothers Day card - it was an Indian elephant crafted from felt, and decorated with jewells. It was the best thing ever, but I am not sure about the significance of the elephant


Pic.No.3 Izzy's Mother's Day message. Cute as .... and the best bit was that she had signed her name as 'woo woo', which has been my pet name for her since she was born. And in case you were wondering, it means nothing to anyone other than me and woo


Pic.No.4 Izzy had made me a keyring with a picture of her on one side .... I was chuffed to bits with it


Pic.No.5 And there was an 'I love Mum' message on other side. She had spent most of the morning colouring it in so the the colours were all inside the lines. It went straight onto my key ring! Who needs Armani dahlink?!


Pic.No.6 After the excitement of the presents, we then all decided to take Naughty George for a long walk in Shotover Park (NG is the black blob next to Izzy's feet)


Pic.No.7 This is me and the ginge in Shotover Park (I love Mother's Day!)


Pic.No.8 I randomly shouted 'Zoolander!' at Iz and she almost made it ........ ok maybe a little more practice needed


Pic.No.9 Izzy and Steve (her dad) standing next to a very wonky tree


Pic.No.10 At last! A picture with just me in it. Huzzar! I wouldn't want my beauty diluting or anything


Pic.No.11 Then I walked across this log. It looked like nothing but it was actually about 6-7 feet above the ground. And I do not like any form of heights. C'est bloody horrible (that is foreign for 'rubbish')



Pic.No.12 And the grand finale for Mother's Day was a dinner out in Oxford. We parked in Merton Street (next to Merton College, Oxford which was built in 1264 - 600 years ago)


Pic.No.13 We continued ambling down Merton Street until we reached the arch that led into Christ Church University College. 


It was then that the penny droppped - the reason that it was so pleasant walking through Oxford was because the students had all gone home for the Easter Holidays. We literally had all the beautiful back streets (of one of the most beautiful cities in the world) to ourselves ...... no students, no tourists, no residents ... perfect


Anyway, back to Mother's Day ................. Izzy decided she wanted to take me to Pizza Express...


Pic.No.14 The Pizza Express Restaurant in Oxford is located in a small, characterful square


Pic.No.15 Once inside Pizza Express, Izzy wanted to do a random bunny impression. Unfortunately her lack of front teeth slightly spoiled the full effect


Pic.No.16 This is me and Steve. See, ex-partners CAN still get on in a funny bunny kind of a way


Pic.No.17 Or maybe they aren't so good at coping if their bunny ears are smaller?!


Pic.No.18 Who cares? I ate a bloody enormous pizza this evening. It was called a Diavlo


 And what a particularly top evening it was out. Thank you dahlinks!!

Annie (Lady M) x

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