Moslty Unedited Week in Review - 6/25/14

4 years ago
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It's very simple. A collection of pictures that have had no image editing (watermarking is ok!). Maybe a short story or description of events depicted, but not necessary. I created this project as a way to further document and share our life as we breathe it in the present.

Without further ado, our Week in Review


Last week, Baby Boy was perfectly content getting down and dirty as he helped Hun fix our car's axle and change the brakes. Of course, I took a picture while in the car of a nice sunset. Baby Boy loved loved loved playing in the water at the Father's Day gathering we attended with family. I also had to take a picture of the beautiful trees near where we live. Baby Boy loves having yogurt with lunch, on this particular day, he managed to get it all over, thus requiring a bath directly after lunch!

Most pictures inappropriate, as he was undressed for easy clean-up! Most pictures inappropriate, as he was undressed for easy clean-up!

I also created a little sensory time in the tub with a banana. Baby Boy had a ton of fun doing that, until he tried to stand up, thus slipping and falling repeatedly despite my warnings and attempts to keep him seated. (Honestly, it was quite difficult not to laugh as he continued trying to stand up, as I was getting big bits of banana out of the tub and turn on the water for a quick clean of both him and the tub.)

If you'd like to join me in this neat and easy project, please shoot me an email (lbp at and we'll make a link-up of it.

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