More than just a manicure

6 years ago

As I sat in the nail salon, and watched two friends enter, I couldn’t help but wonder if I go there for a manicure or for the entertainment? I think a little of both.

My pedicure was just beginning when they entered the salon. One of them seemed pretty quiet. The other, was the polar opposite. You could have heard her three states over.

The loud, chatty one took it upon herself to tell the manicurist exactly what type of manicure her friend wanted, permanent French. For herself, she wanted acrylic tips – but not too long. The last time she had them done, they were apparently the perfect length.

As the quiet one’s manicure began, she whispered something to her friend. The loud one replied, “Just ASK!” But, the quiet one didn’t. She just shook her head, as if to say “nah, it’s ok.”

“FINE,” bellowed the loud one. “I will ask. She wants to know how much this manicure will be.”

The manicurist softly replied, “seventy-five dollar.”

The quiet one’s face transformed into a look of shock, which her friend immediately spotted. “If it is too much, don’t GET IT,” the loud one yelled at her friend. Then, turning her attention back to the manicurist she barked, “FORGET that one! How much is a two week gel French instead?”

“Thirty dollar.”

“Is that OK?” she screamed to her friend who was meekly sitting inches away. The quiet one nodded. “GIVE her that one INSTEAD!”

As the manicurist changed all the equipment on her station to accommodate, the woman sitting next to the loud friend turned and asked her how old she was.

“THIRTEEN!” she yelled out in response.

As the loud girl walked away to switch her choice of polish, the woman then turned to the manicurist and asked “is she like this all the time?”

“Oh yes. Best part? She always have twenty minute massage afterward.”

Sure enough, when I re-entered the salon following my eyebrow wax I spied her head down on a pillow getting her massage. I can only imagine her stress. Can’t you?

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