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5 years ago
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2013 Blog Goals

My 2012 blog goals last year started off very clearly but quickly went haywire. I had a specific page view per day number in mind and made a SEO change that pretty much cost me half the year. Yep, I changed my permalink structure but didn't realize I had to do redirects.

Sounds like Greek? To me too! Result: I spent the better part of the year going through all my posts to correct back-end bits and pieces to improve my SEO. I have over 1000 posts. Going through them all -- not Once, not Twice, BUT FOUR TIMES took about 6 months working feverishly day and night. I definitely don't want to spend 2013 doing this.

2012 was my year of Google SEO (Search Engine Optimization) improvement. I learned a lot but at the end of the day, I realize now that IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO KEEP UP WITH GOOGLE. It's kind of like baby parenting advice. If you read advice from 10 years ago, it conflicts with advice now. But advice from 30 years ago starts to sound modern again. It's just crazy trying to keep up. An endless hamster wheel of frustration.

I did do a few other things in 2012 besides go through all my posts to fix them over and over again. I switched blog themes last year (thanks Timo!) and I really like this new one (that has too much coding for Google to love).  I cleaned up my header and avatar (thanks Vanita!). I went to BlogHer. I discovered my deep love for Pinterest. I met great education bloggers through the Kids Blogger Network. And I did eventually hit my page view goal, albeit painfully.

Pinterest is one of my biggest referral sources. Somedays, it will even been Google traffic. I'm going to focus on Pinterest for 2013, Google + and Sulia.

monthly goals linky at mama smiles

My blog goals for 2013 will be very different I think:

  • My blog cover education, parenting and children's books. It's a wide swath so I need to narrow things down.
  • I want to focus on some themes: financial literacy for kids, getting kids to love reading, helping kids discover their passion, art projects for kids, and life skills for kids.
  • Education: I want to cover STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) to STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Art Math) and find ways to make math, science and technology exciting for kids. I want to explore Art as part of STEM ... through art projects that explore math and science.
  • Parenting: If you do what you love, you'll never work a day in your life. I want to help kids discover what their passion is. I think there is likely a creative component to this.
  • Children's Books. I simply want to read more.
  • I want to figure out Instagram this year and Sulia. And please, dear god, not any more new technology, social media platforms, or apps. I am too tired to figure out more. My brain hurts.
  • For current social media platforms, I'll be spending more time on Pinterest and Google +.
  • I want to edit my posts more carefully.
  • Simplify and Zen Out. I need to declutter my virtual world. I am going to cut back to 4 posts a week on PragmaticMom. 3 posts a week on my local blog,  ILoveNewton and 1 post a week on my Asian American blog, JadeLuckClub. I wanted to do this last year = 7 posts a week, but I just didn't. I posted 6 time a week on PragmaticMom. 4 times a week on I Love Newton. And ignored JadeLuckClub for 6 months. Not much balance there!

How about you? What are your goals for 2013? I'll keep you posted on how I do for January and I'd love your input on what topics you'd like me to cover that would be helpful to you!

p.s. Thank you to Mama Smiles for getting my goals back on track!


PragmaticMom: Educations Matters. I blog, tweet, and pin excessively about children's and YA books. When I cover education and parenting, KidLit slips in too. 

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