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Well i just could'nt wait to put some music on and watch my train of thought drift away to places that would normaly make me doze of. Instead i want to share them with people and see that if, in a months time, my spelling, grammar, writing skills and imagination have improved on any level. I should begin by explaining that i enjoy writing but have been held back by a deep routed lazyness that originated right back at primary school where instead of focusing on my acidemical advancement i was far more interested in being creative. Stealing the teachers red perminent marker pens on rainy days to draw the biggest dragons and the fastest cars. I remember vivdly a memory from my early childhood at the catholic primary school i attended. When rain lashed down outside, we would be forced to remain inside the school and entertian ourselfs with what would now be considered a little old school in the modern world of education. Activities such as drawing and modeling with paper straws are some of my treasured memories from primary school. However i digress, the vivid memory to which i refer is being recalled in a evermore potent manor by the music i play to allow my concious to drift into forgotten memorys and recall them as if they where the most cherished memories of my past. Myself and my classmates where being taught, for the afternoon, by a guest speaker who's purpose was to encourage us to think of careers we would want as adults. I remember the tall lady with flowing brown hair, much the same colour as mine who was wearing a nutmeg, knittted jumper asking the other children what there dream carrers would be. She would get responses along the lines of actresses and actors, mostly jobs which involved in some form, being famous. However my burning desire at such a tender age in a catholic school was to become a well know illegal street racer! With a fisique of stone! Even now it brings a faint smile to my face and what i think is interesting is how unique events we all bear whitness to are so precious and hold sentimental value. However it appears my music has stopped and my train - out of steam. At least that is untill i can find something else to listen to. 

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