Monitoring Your Oral Health During Pregnancy

10 months ago
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Pregnancy! At the mention of this word, every woman’s body twitches and fidgets. Who wouldn’t? Can you really blame them? Pregnancy comes with its fair share of challenges better known to women. Both their bodies and lives change to make room for that little life growing in them for nine months. Nonetheless, that is not all; these are just the expected events during this period. What does your oral health have to do with your current state of pregnancy? That is the mind-boggling issues that very few understand. Well, you may not relate but it sure does count. Here is how. 

Pregnancy is characterized by immense changes in body hormone levels that increase the risk of oral health issues. Gum diseases and tumors on the gum are just but a few issues that women experience during pregnancy. These oral diseases trigger a heightened level of hormones and biological fluids in the body of a pregnant woman that may induce premature labor. In turn, they increase chances of giving birth to a prematurely. What should you do to keep your mouth healthy during pregnancy? Here is the expert advice from the best Calgary dentist that you need to keep in mind.

1. Teeth Brushing

Brushing your teeth thoroughly twice a day goes a long way to curb probable oral diseases during your pregnancy. Hence, every pregnant woman should make use of fluoridated toothpaste to eliminate plaque. You should also be keen to clean your teeth daily with inter-dental cleaners with an anti-gingivitis mouth rinse. Least of all, you should ensure that you brush and floss your teeth appropriately. Morning sickness is a condition common to most pregnant women, and it has adverse effects on your oral health due to the acidic nature of the vomit. Therefore, immediately it occurs, it is wise to rinse your mouth with water and bland-tasting toothpaste. Besides, you should be keen to choose those oral care products that are approved to ensure they have met the set health and safety threshold.

2. Fluoride Consumption

There is nothing worse than facing pregnancy while experiencing oral pain due to teeth cavity. In order to ensure you are on the safe side during pregnancy, fluoride supplements come in handy. They work to strengthen your teeth’s enamel by changing its chemical bonds and making it more resistant to cavity and corrosion.

3. Oral Hygiene

Due to increased oral sensitivity caused by the change of hormones in a pregnant woman’s body, gums become tender, puffy, and reddish. If your mouth is not thoroughly taken care of during this period, especially in your second trimester, bacteria infestation occur leading to oral infections that may lead to low birth weight and preterm birth. At this point, frequent professional teeth cleaning are highly recommended.

4. Dental Visits

There is no better way to keep oral issues at bay than keeping your dentist at your beck and call during pregnancy. As soon as you learn of your pregnancy, keep your dentist in the loop in case certain treatment or medication doesn’t augur well with your current condition. In most cases, the dentist may require familiarizing with your prenatal medicines to see if your current dental treatment plan needs altering. Besides, periodontal examinations are crucial during pregnancy to ensure that you do not contract the dangerous periodontal diseases common during pregnancy.

5. Eating a Balanced Diet

The instance you find out you are pregnant, it is about time you had your diet evaluated. If you love sweet things, you should improve your general oral health and substitute them with more wholesome foods, which are better for your teeth. Wholesome meals tend to reduce tooth decay brought about by plaque. Furthermore, eating healthy foods ensure that you and your baby receive essential nutrients for excellent oral health.

I bet you now know how your oral health shapes your life during pregnancy. It is an integral part of your overall health, which when neglected can be fatal to the little life inside you. Incorporating your oral health into your daily care routine goes a long way to guarantee a stress-free pregnancy period. Moreover, you should keep your dentist always in the loop of what changes you may be experiencing.

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