Monday, Enough Said....

6 years ago

Some people say that Monday's get a bad wrap. I'm not so sure. On a good Monday, it is hard to get back into the swing of things after a weekend; but this one came after a 5 day hiatus from work. I definitely wasn't looking forward to it. Add to that the fact that I really haven't slept in a couple of days, so I am off the charts exhausted. Then if that wasn't enough, Nick was sick ALL night long. I think I was up with him every hour until about 5 am this morning.

Of course this meant that I had to take another day off of work to stay with him. Now, I wouldn't have minded but I was supposed to take tomorrow of to take the boys to their day of Dr's appointments. I was looking forward to a quiet morning after shipping the cherubs off to school. That is not going to happen now. Instead I will be going into work for half a day, before rushing back to Chesapeake to grab the boys from school.

The one good thing that came out of today, is that I did manage to get my Christmas tree decorated. I love my tree because it is filled with ornaments that I have collected over the years. I have fairies, and snowmen, and tonka trucks, and robots, and pull toys, and Dr Seuss characters to name a few. I love these ornaments and they have traveled with me from home to home. This years tree is a new one. After last season, we decided to retire our old tree. I had that tree since 1999, and it was a great tree. It was big, and full, and definitely filled up a room.

Unfortunately after 12 years it became more and more tiresome to put together. This was due in part to the color markings starting to wear which made it more difficult to figure out which branches went where. Yes, it was one of those trees that required you put it together branch by branch. It would take at least a day to group all of the same size, and color branches together, and then get them placed and fluffed. The lights would take another couple of hours, and the ornaments another day. So in all that tree was a 2 - 3 day evolution. I would bitch and moan every time I had to decorate the tree; but once it was done, it was beautiful.

The Old Tree...

Me and The Tree....

So that tree was sent out to the great tree farm in the sky, so to speak, which meant that we needed to find a new tree. Finding a replacement tree was not an easy task. We went to at least 4 different stores and looked at countless trees before we found one. To say that I was picky was an understatement, not to mention that I had no idea how expensive artificial, sounds better than fake, pre-lit trees were. We finally found one that was acceptable at Home Depot. It was already 20% off and then add to that the military discount, and the price wasn't bad.

We brought the tree home, unpacked it, and set it up. That was the easy part, and since it was pre-lit we didn't have to worry about stringing lights and blowing fuses. We still had to fluff branches, which is a bitch to say the least, but a necessary evil. I can't stand holes in my branches. Surprisingly this took very little time, and before I knew it the tree was up and lit. I was too tired to even think about putting the ornaments on it, so I left that for today.

Since I was home with Nick, I decided to tackle the ornaments this morning. I have at least 4 boxes full of different ornaments that had to be unpacked and then hung. Nick asked if he could help, and this year I let him. As my children know, the first few times decorating the tree, they have to practice by doing the back side. It will be another year or so before he can help with the front and sides.

Hanging ornaments this year took a bit longer. Since this was a "new" tree, it took a while to find the perfect places for the various ornaments. There were a few bumps in the road as some of the ornaments slipped off the branches. I even have a few bruises on my foot from where I was hit by falling ornaments. One of my ceramic ornaments hit the deck, and lost its legs. I thought it was a goner, but my enterprising Nick performed surgery and was able to rescue the reindeer. I was so touched when he presented it to me.

So my tree is now up and decorated. I guess something good did come out of this Monday after all. Anyway, here are a few pictures of my new tree. I tried to take some close-ups of some of my favorite ornaments. See if you can tell what they are.

New Tree....

What Do You See??

More Favorites...

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