Monday Chat/Weekend Wrap-Up

4 years ago
  • Went to Snowfest on Saturday and it was not as exciting as I hoped it would be. It did not help that there was not a lick of snow, except man-made, on the ground. I was there for maybe 25 minutes. I don't know what I expected but it seemed small and I did not see any vendors. I only saw sculptors from the US, Mexico and France represented. I know it's a small city but wow. I did get some shots of the snow & ice sculpture, in progress.
  • Downton Abbey, Season 3, ep., 3.

          -It was cowardly for Branson to leave Sybil in Ireland by herself. Where's the ride or die? ;) Well I guess Sybil did that for both of them.

           -Ethel Parks character is a hot mess, but I know it was common for single women in her predicament. I would have taken the money, kept my kid and started a life somewhere else, but that's me.

          -Poor Daisy is just unlucky with the guys she fancies. That footman's eyes just lit up for the new kitchen helper. Daisy was off of his radar quickly.

          -I think the new footman is going to be trouble. We'll see in the coming episodes.

    -I'm glad that Edith has something to do with the newspaper. Maybe she'll become a                columnist?

  • Martin Luther King, Jr., Day & day 2 of the US presidential inauguration celebration, of Barack H. Obama. What a fabulous way to celebration your inauguration. Martin Luther King Jr., being one of the hugely significant people of history to pave the way for Mr. Obama to become a second-term president. He's not my president but I am proud!
  • Busy week ahead. Workshops to attend, along with my regular daily schedule. I'll be working on my book & various submissions, late in to the night I'm sure because I'll be spending chunks of time at the workshops. It should be an interesting week. Wish me luck! I'll need it to keep my energy level up and to still be productive.

How was your weekend? Are you doing anything to alleviate the January blah's?


Till next time,


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