Mommy Cuddles

5 years ago
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It's so easy to make a list of all the things I am terrible at (basketball, time management, being a stay at home mom, meal planning) but when someone asks you "what's something you're a pro at?" my mind goes blank.

I mean, I'm good at some things, like making homemade tomato sauce, I'm good at my job and taking care of my family. But if I had to choose one thing that I'm a pro at, wow, that's tough.

It's true that we're our own worst critics, and it's tough to come out and say "I'm fabulous at . . . " But if I had to choose one thing that I'm a pro at, it would be my mother's intuition. Somehow, I can read my kids like an open book. When Booger is sick, my magic mommy cuddles make him feel better instantly, when the baby is crying, I can comfort her like no one else can. Also, I make a mean grilled cheese sandwich in the shape of a Christmas tree (thanks to the help of cookie cutters of course). When Booger has to take his medicine when he's sick, mommy can get him to take it without a meltdown, and it turns out, I'm a potty training slayer.

Mommy Cuddles

Thanks to NaBloPoMo - December for today's writing prompt idea, I needed a confidence boost and and kick in the pants to think of something positive :)