The Model in the Picture Saw My Blog - Jigga What?

5 years ago

Recently I decided to lose weight before my vacation. I am a goal-oriented person, so I set a goal for myself to walk every day. I am also a writer, so I gave this goal a title, Be Sore Not Sorry.

This title was inspired by a photo I saw on, of course, Pinterest. There is a picture of a woman doing some incredibly awesome push-ups, wearing boxing gloves, and the statement on the picture is something like, You can be sore or you can be sorry. The perfect picture for motivating someone like me to exercise!

I would debate, should I or shouldn't I, and by the time I made it my mind, I could have already been done exercising! If I chose NOT to exercise, the next day my extra weight felt a little heavier and I was sorry. That picture is one of my very favorites.

I posted a blog entry about my new goal, included the picture that inspired me, and went about my day. Then the strangest thing happened. My blog had over 300 hits the next day! Yes, we bloggers are a numbers-obssessed bunch, aren't we? My blog gets a lot less traffic than that! Who were these readers? Where did they come from?

I noted the site pumping all the traffic over and did not recognize it, some kind of beauty site. Interesting. I followed the link and there it was, a hyperlink to my blog, posted in the forums for this web site. I got a little excited, then a little worried as I read the comments.

It seems that the model in the picture, my motivational picture, is a member of this beauty web site and somehow one of her friends found my blog and spotted the picture. Kind of cool, right? Well, the comments under the link to my blog ran a little like, "Oh, wow, isn't that so-and-so? Is this person using so-and-so's picture on their blog?! Does so-and-so know about this?" Yikes. I mean, what if this model wasn't happy that I had this picture on my blog? She's obviously in great shape, being a boxer and all, so she could totally hunt me down and kick my butt!

So-and-so responded on the boards. Yes, she said, it was her. She would have preferred a different shot, one that made her arms looks bigger, but this one was all over the Internet. She seemed okay with it being on my blog, said she was humbled, that the caption underneath usually says, "fitspirational."

 I still felt like I should do something.

I mean, these people were speculating about me. Who is this blogger? Does she know so-and-so? Why is she using that picture? I needed a clear answer. I didn't want this boxer-model upset with me, nor did I want a lot of negative comments or emails streaming in from my blog. There was really only one thing to do: joined the web site and email so-and-so.

I introduced myself as "the blogger who used your photo" and asked if she was okay with it. I told her I would take it down if she preferred. I also told her how much I liked it and why I had chosen it for my personal goal. (When my husband heard I had done this, he was surprised. Like, weirded out suprised. Does it seem stalkerish?) I needed closure! I needed to know.

So-and-so answered me very graciously the next day. She said she wouldn't have put it on the Internet is she didn't want people to use it. She also encouraged me to stick around the beauty web site and forums as it is a very supportive community. I definitely agree. Some of these people were up in arms over that photo on my blog!

I don't know. I think I got what I needed without continuing to frequent the community. The picture is up and I am walking every day. Be Sore, Not Sorry lives on!




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