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4 years ago

Well I tried, but I had to leave. Facebook, that is. I lasted a grand total of one week, one day and sixteen hours. I’m surprised that I actually counted. Very recently, I decided that I would discontinue my quest to be the only person not on Facebook.

I had previously resisted joining the community because I didn’t believe that it could provide any useful interaction. I saw, through the pages of others, that it was a forum where a lot of people acted like they were having the time of their lives, or where people ‘pondered’ the meaning of life.

I used to joke about it before I joined, but when I was a part of Facebook, I saw that people actually did post about what they were cooking, where they were going, what they forgot on their way there, what they discovered when they came home, or the most random thought that popped into their heads at that very moment.

And of course there were the pictures of dogs - thankfully none were in costume. Pictures of a person, ‘likes' by friends of the person, and 'likes' of the picture by the person in the picture (no doubt to garner more 'likes'). I didn’t mind the inspirational quotes, but it soon became clear that the private message feature is one that should be used a whole lot more.

So I dutifully sent out my friend requests and received acceptances from most. I have to assume that the ones that didn’t accept either haven’t logged on to Facebook in days or aren’t really my friends.

Speaking of which, I did receive requests from people who I don’t know or who are only passing acquaintances. Some I rejected outright, while others I actually decided to sleep on. Because I realized that when I pressed that ‘accept’ button, all their friends can see what I’m up to. It kind of reminded me of what they say about having several sexual partners.

I almost had to 'unfriend' somebody too, and was all prepared to send her a private message letting her know that it wasn't her I didn't like - it was her friends. Happily, that won't be necessary since I've just decided to call the whole thing off.

I know that I am not the only one who has not found a home on Facebook. I realize that I didn’t have to post every day, or even visit every day. I realize that like others, I could just trawl to see what others are doing, or just send out birthday wishes at the appropriate time, but that seemed to defeat the purpose.

I think that I prefer to communicate one on one, and I realize that Facebook works for those who prefer their content short and to the point. And I know you’re probably asking. How does she expect to be a successful blogger and not have a Facebook page? Well I guess I’ll just continue to blog just for the love of doing it.

I haven’t deactivated my account completely, though. I firmly intend to go back when my son signs up so that I can have an eye on him - that’s if Facebook still exists when he’s 20.

Been there. Done that. Didn’t like it.

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