Minefield Alert! Walk With CAUTION, Children in the Home.

Yeap, indeed you know when children are living in the house, when it is no longer safe to walk in any room, even with the lights on. Accidents begin to happen, and grandparents are suddenly falling like dominoes and getting hurt. Now is the time to make it safe for us older folks; our home needs to be made Grandparent Proof!

Our two grandsons (ages 9 and 10), along with their mother, are now living with us. And our home has been slightly rearranged since. Toys and books and pencils and pieces of clothing can be found in just about every room in the house, or strewn about in the backyard. Obviously it is a home with children. The only place we are free of risk of injury is within the confines of our bedroom.

iGracias a Dios!

A few weeks ago, grandpa (my hubby) slipped in a puddle of water, landing smack on his back, hitting his noggin on the hard tile with a heavy whump. Not funny, but he looked like a tree falling over. TIMBER! The fall cost him a sore back, aching head, stiff neck, and painful wrist and rump. Sigh!

About a week later, late in the evening, he stepped outside to the backyard through the laundry-room to get something. The light switch is on the outside, so he couldn’t see what was left in the way as he opened the screen door, a skateboard. He escaped major injury within an inch of his old, dear life; and he marched straightway to their room, red-faced, to let them have a piece of his mind.

Have I mentioned that this happened yet again a few days later? A scooter was left in the way this time. I had to really hold back my normally-peaceful and always in-control husband from unleashing his full wrath.

¡Ai, Dios mío!

Of course, I tried to reason with him that they are only little children, and that he was making more of it than he should…until it happened to me!

I walked into their room to turn off a fan they’d left on and no-one in the room to appreciate it. A blanket was left on the floor; I walked over it not realizing there was an unseen toy hidden underneath. My foot twisted, I fell hard on my knees and then rolled over on my back, all the while using one hand to balance and my other to keep a glass of water from spilling. Would you believe that I didn’t even spill a drop of water?

Today I hurt; and there isn’t a joint or a muscle in my body that doesn’t ache to move and my knees are scraped, too.

Next time I’ll show a little more compassion for that husband of mine.

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