Mind/Body and getting all metaphysical

6 years ago

Not a huge fan of the Reverb10 prompt for today, but I've made it this far, and heck, it's not that I can't write about this subject, it's just not my favorite.

Specifically, it asks me to talk about when I've had the best mind/body connection this year, when I've felt the most integrated with my body.

You can imagine me rolling my eyes here. I mean, I appreciate that some people view the world this way, but I'm more of a "stay in tune with your body" person versus thinking of mind and body as two separate entitites. My body belongs to me, thus my brain has full control and full connection to it. I think Yoga is really powerful for the way it helps me check in with parts of my body I don't normally think about (why yes, there are muscles that run the whole length of one's ribcage!) and that's great, but it's still alllll me.

I do talk to the kids about this kind of thing pretty often, though, so I suppose it bears mentioning. Seems that they don't come pre-programmed with a "check in with your body" routine that helps them notice things like changes in their digestive...output shall we say? (I do hope that some day they'll read my blog posts about their childhood and do my best to avoid completely overstepping the mom/child bond.) Or a new mole, how their faces get more freckles in the sun, body odor, etc.

And what I tell the kids is worthwhile for us grown-ups as well, be it digestively or elsewhere. Pay attention to YOU. Feel a funny kink in your neck? Try to notice if you're doing anything different, using a new computer/chair/did a lot of reaching the day before/slept funny/new pillows/no pillows/children stole your pillows/etc. Take those few moments to think about it, to connect.

Gymshoes on the beach My example from today is my calves. Me and my calves are only barely on speaking terms today. You see, I keep reading about good friends becoming runners, and invariably these friends show pictures of themselves looking all svelte and trim and otherwise making me envious. So I decided (again) to try this running thing, but only just barely. Cause you know I suck at running. But I'm plateauing at the gym w/my regular workouts (I noticed the other day that my typical interval on the elliptical doesn't actually cause me to break a sweat even with incline 10/resistance 8 alternating with 5/5s every 2 minutes.) I've been working out daily for about 10 or 12 weeks (20 mins a day, every day. My "working out" definition is broad enough to include walks with the dog, yoga, and even the occasional manual labor thing like the day I helped close down the school bookfair and was hoisting boxes and bins all morning.) I've lost pretty much no weight, though I've also just continued to eat whatever the heck I want (and appetite is up, of course, damn that metabolism!)

So long story short, I read an article a good running friend posted on FB about moving from walking into running and decided to give it a try. I need some kind of change to try to mix things up and tell my body to stop hoarding these 5 (10? 25?) pounds it decided to collect over the last year or two (or three or four or lifetime.)

I started with 5 mins warm-up, then one minute of running, a 2-3 minute break at fast walk pace, 1 minute of running. I kept it up for 25 minutes and was extremely wiped out when finished. I'm certain the calorie counter on the treadmill wasn't factoring in my non-runnage because it claimed a 125 calorie burn while my 25 - 30 mins on the elliptical is always good for at least 280-320, even when barely breaking a sweat. I was a sweaty dog after my couple minutes of running alternated with several rest periods of walking. I'm sure you wanted to know all this about me but, hey, I don't write the prompts! And besides, we're all likely to be talking about New Year's Resolutions soon enough so you might as well laugh along with me as I almost fall off the treadmill and otherwise make a bit of a fool of myself.

I have no idea if I can keep this up, but I'm going to give it a try a day or two a week and see. Hopefully my calves will resume speaking to me by tomorrow, as I plan to give them another workout...


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