Mid-Week Happenings- Marissa Mayer & Stuff

4 years ago
  • Marissa Mayer, she's a patsy and she doesn't even know. How the heck does an Internet company not support some of their employers who work from home full time or part-time? What a load of crap. Yahoo got a woman in there to "head" the company, now she, with I'm sure a lot of pressure is going to set working women/mothers back at least 20 years. The US is notorious for having horrible maternity leave/benefits as it is. Marrissa's 2 week leave did not help the situation, because most families can not and do not have a staff to help them care for their home (and all that it entails) and children while they are away from it, 10 plus hours a day. Oh, and let's not forget that her baby has a brand new nursery beside her office (albeit paid by Marissa). So her remote workers, now have to scramble for childcare, while she can pop in to see her baby at any time throughout the day. How about building a in-house daycare for your employees, so they can do the same? What the hell is she thinking about? Check out one of yahoo's articles.

-Marissa Mayer was being used before she even started. Throw in a women, help her screw-up. Hear the outcry. Fire her ass. We hired a woman, it didn't work. See women can't run a company.   Am I taking away the fact that she's an intelligent business woman? Not all all. But unfortunately many women in power still feel that they have to do exactly what men do in order to succeed, instead of looking at the bigger picture. You have children and many women still do the majority of child rearing, along with their full-time job. It takes time to work out the kinks in the work-home situation. Also if you do just a little bit of research, you'll see that at-home workers, in general are more productive than in-the-office employees. Of course you'll always have slackers and people that take advantage of  the situation, but in general remote workers are very productive. Rant done.

  • Did you see the disgusting creature from the black lagoon/6th dimension? It was found in New Jersey waters and it's called a sea lamprey. That thing is disgusting and if I swam, I would never swim in open water again. Can you imagine that thing clinging to your leg? I would pass out in the water. Click here to see a video of this thing, but be warned it's creepy.
  • Rain, snow, rain, snow. Mother Nature, what's really happening with you? I pray that it rains until all of the slushy snow melts away. If the temperature drops many cities will be dangerous ice rinks. Be careful out there!


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