Jesus a Metaphyscian from the Mystery Schools ~ Spirit, Soul and Mind Embodied in Matter

4 years ago
I was sitting here contemplating interdimensional relationships by vibrational emanations through the rhythm of mortal time and transcendental time caused by effluence (within) and influence (without) .  Not 'hokey' transcendental Time.  I'm talking Supra-consciousness and hyper space.  The unseen, non-material.  
Pondering the effects of these interactions, either violently colliding or working in harmony,  I was thinking how they continually emenate through the circular planes of Time, Space. Matter and Mass along with the multitude of spheres of consciousness they pass through  and the changes per interaction.  
Considering involution and evolution, I couldn't help to ponder as to whether or not this is what creates an individual perceived reality based on the reaction of within and without.  Or, "sapience". 
I was then enticed to recall an encounter with an old church friend. 
I remember feeling glad to see him. However he was perturbed.  Feeling the need to rebuke my path, he spoke out to me saying, "How are you going to be with God in heaven if you continue to go down  this blasphemous path!?"
Knowing all dimensions are within and all around me, I asked while pointing to the sky, "Where is heaven? Up there?
 Continuing, I asked,   "Or is heavens kingdom at hand?   Just like Jesus said?" 
He wasn't pleased with my questionable rebuttle.  Especially using his Saviors words, he felt I was even more blasphemous. He continued to rebuke me in the name of the man I just quoted.

I then asked him, "Is God omnipotent and omnipresent?"

He rolled his eyes and sarcastically replied, "Yes. The God of gods and King of kings is everywhere at all times!"

I looked at him firmly.  I then sternly spoke" Jesus said, 'the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.' You also agree God is omnipresent.  According to your own faith which I once shared and now see in a new metaphysical light,  according to your own agreement, then,  I already AM with God. Maybe you should be too.  Don't wait until death to be with God when you can right now."
According to the Pythagorean Science of Number, God is "Now".
Eternity doesn't know past or future.  It is always present.
Infinite Space.  The centre of All does not lean to any side.  The radius always remains in the centre no matter how much the circle may expand.
Don't wait for a future fated death.  The future doesn't exist. 
Symbolically,  the Circle, Triangle and Square are involved here.  I'll share on another day.
Blessed be.
Be sound.  Be well. 
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