Merlin's Beard! Padfoot is Homeless

6 years ago

If you love Harry Potter and dogs, this one's going to sting a bit. Berry, the 10-year-old black German Shepherd that played Padfoot (animagos of Sirius Black) in “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban”, is looking for a new home. After the news broke yesterday, offers of adoption have been pouring in from all over the world.

Image: jeffgunn via Flickr


Stuntman Paul Thompson, Berry's former owner and trainer, turned the pooch over to the UK's German Shepherd Rescue in July, along with Berry's lifelong companion, 13-year-old Porridge. The dogs were raised together and must be adopted as a pair. 

Thompson's busy work schedule was cited as the reason for release of the dogs, as 'explained' by Berry himself on the German Shepherd Dog Rescue site:

"My Dad contacted German Shepherd Dog Rescue because he realised he didn’t have the time to look after us properly anymore. His work takes him away from home an awful lot and whilst his friends and family tried to help look after us, we weren’t getting the walks or brushes we were used to. This lovely lady came round to visit us one day. She asked Dad a lot of questions about us and then we got in the car with her (I love the car) and went to her house to live. Apparently she is what they call a Foster Mum but we called her Mum. We loved our Mum because she had these lovely soft beds to lie our wobbly old legs on, a nice big garden for us to explore, and she spent lots of time with us making sure we were fed, brushed and loved. She told us that she could only look after us for a few weeks but that we would be moving to another home with another Foster Mum who will love us just as much as she does where we will stay for as long as needs."

--Berry, aka "Padfoot"

Both Berry and Porridge have something called chronic degenerative radiculomyelopathy, or CDRM, which makes walking difficult. Evidently, Berry walks better than his best friend and his condition can be improved with more regular exercise and weight loss.

Criteria for adoption includes:

* The dogs may not live with children under 7 years old

* No apartments

* The dogs should not be in any situation where they are left for more than four hours on their own, because the breed is subject to anxiety

“People perceive [German Shepherds] to be quite vicious, but when they’re barking, they’re often talking to you, telling what they want, thinking you understand them.”

--Jane O’Brien, spokesperson for the German Shepherd Rescue

Despite numerous offers of adoption from Americans, it is likely the dogs will stay in the UK - they are both a bit long in the tooth for overseas shipping. And, after all, they have a few more local media appearances planned…

Thanks to Berry's celebrity lure, it doesn't seem that this canine duo will have much trouble finding a good home. Meanwhile, he's brought some much-needed publicity to the 150+ non-famous German Shepherds that need adopting from the same facility. Those dogs could use a bit more magic.

~Heather Clisby

BlogHer Contributing Editor, Animal & Wildlife Concerns; Section Editor, LIFE & GREEN; Proprietor, ClizBiz

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