Meeting Allison Dubois- The Medium, Event and Readings

5 years ago

If one show could catapult a relatively unknown woman into worldwide fame it was the drama series Medium. The show was based on Allison Dubois who is a medium from Phoenix, Arizona.  She became a household name and since then throngs of people attend events to meet her and hope for a reading. I recently traveled to Seattle to do the same. What happened that night remains unexplainable.

The day of the event was of particular meaning to me and my family. With that in mind, I felt compelled to see if anything would come through her highly publicized talent. I had no grand illusions that I would be picked out of a room of people but felt it would be worth a shot. My mother, who did not attend, was also curious if something would come of my attendance.

I can honestly say it was a fascinating evening. I think I came away with far more questions than answers and still straddle the fence on the authenticity of this profession which is really what it has come to be. There is no denying that huge amounts of money are being exchanged in order to provide a sense of peace and hope to all who seek this service, including myself.

It started out with Allison providing some background about those who pass on and how they communicate. There were threads of information, mixed with humour that mimicked her book passages and You Tube videos. I suppose, after doing as many appearances and books as she has there is little else to add than what has already been said. I had heard she can come across as rude in response to questions or audience talk, egotistical even, but perhaps she is just a person in which what you see is what you get.

Anyway, when it came down to life questions most people wanted to know about their career path. I found that a little funny because as a career counsellor I couldn’t help but think “Wow, I could really be of help here…wish I could hand out business cards.” Of course, I know that would not be appropriate nor what the participants wanted. They wanted Allison.

When she went into the readings it was an emotional experience. The suffering of some of the people was so palatable. It seemed what they received from Allison was part opinion, part offerings and part an uncanny way of pulling very specific details that really seem to resonate with the audience member(s). Some things I think could be picked out just by looking at the individual but other things appeared to have such accuracy it was hard to deny there wasn’t a connection.

I sat a row away from a mother and her two grown daughters who were also from Vancouver. They were such friendly women and the mother was truly a beautiful soul. Thankfully, the time came when they were picked for a reading and unlike the other readings, (because we were so far back) the daughters went up the front to share a chair across from Allison. The mother moved to the front edge of her seat with tears welling up in her eyes intently waiting for whatever message would be revealed. In that instance I knew I had to get out of my seat and sit with her. She should not be alone.

I went to her side and put my one arm around her shoulder and I held her hand with the other. I can’t begin to tell you how incredibly special this was. Through it all I felt a connection that I know will be forever in my memory. To see her eyes light up when she heard about her husband, their father, who had passed away suddenly. To feel the love that coursed through her for her daughters and her husband was unmistakable. I shared in a very intimate moment in a non-intimate setting and I can honestly say that in those moments I realized that is why I am here. What came next gave me some further comfort.

In the midst of their reading came a date but this date meant nothing to them. No matter what was said it had no significance for birthday, anniversary….nothing. However, it did for me. It was the birth date of the person I had come to connect with. Earlier in the evening Allison had mentioned, “Sometimes someone else comes through to let you know they are there.” In this case it seemed only fitting that as I held the hand of this wonderful woman that my acknowledgement would appear.

Now, even as I say that I can’t be certain of what is real or not. I can only be honest about my overall impression and experience. I will state unequivocally that for those who sought assurance, peace or closure, there were certainly signs of that. If nothing else, what people gain from a reading is a chance to be reassured that their loved one is OK, watching over them and possibly even attempting to communicate through various means.

It was an intense room and I felt like I was sitting between two magnets. Throbbing energy which resulted in a mild headache…which I don’t get. I’m not a headache person. Again, the little skeptic in me remains even though I accept that we have yet to answer the question of life after death and certainly don’t know our own power. I guess it remains a mystery but still a very interesting experience regardless of where you stand on the existence of mediumship and psychic ability.

Allison Dubois’s Website

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