Me And Dr. Dre

4 years ago

My blog has totally been sucking lately. In fact, if it were an item on McDonald's dollar menu it would be Bloggy McSuck Suck.

I don't know if it's the weather (winter … blah) or what. I could spend some time expanding on the fifty-two reasons why the ol' blog has been awful, but I'd rather just move on from Blahsville to Excitementtown.

Who knew one trip to Best Buy with my beloved could be the catalyst for this transition? Well, it was the one-two punch of Best Buy and Dr. Dre.

Most of you know that I have incredible street cred. It's true. Living on the mean streets of a mid-sized town in Indiana automatically gives one slightly doughy and incredibly pasty forty year old woman a certain amount of cred and I have done much over the years to increase my thug level. This weekend, I upped my cred by purchasing speakers for my Room O' Funk.

My Room O' Funk desperately needed speakers, primarily so I can blare the Girl Groups radio station on Pandora. Or Sinatra radio. Sometimes I totally dig the 80s Alternative station. Really, it depends on my mood … wait. Where was I going with this? Oh yes. Needing speakers.

My husband decided we should start looking for some speakers for my Room. I incorrectly thought that by "we" he meant "him" since I have zero interest in shopping for speakers and I tend to get more and more irritating the longer I am forced to shop for things in which I have zero interest.

(Sadly, this aspect of my personality is not my biggest flaw.)

(No, I'm not telling you what my biggest flaw is.)

My only criteria for speakers was size, meaning I want them to be of the small size. The smaller the better. Having speakers the size of a compact car doesn't interest me. I don't want the size of my speakers to be the first thing one notices when walking into my Room O'Funk.

(The first thing I want one to notice is my Davy Jones autograph and the second thing? My modest Wonder Woman collection.)


Basically, I don't want to rattle the windows and honk off the neighbors with enormous sound or big thumping bass. I simply want to enjoy a little Chuck Berry, or perhaps Wham!, on my iPhone every now and then.

With all this in mind, I walked into Best Buy and was immediately drawn to this speaker:



Not entirely true. I was immediately drawn to this Lucy VanPelt iPhone case, followed by the speakers.


And let's be honest. Although she is probably the most bad ass of all the Peanuts characters, Lucy does little to enhance my thuggish reputation.

Good thing I spotted the speaker section. Ah, the speaker. Isn't he beautiful? This speaker is the brain child of my homie, Dr. Dre. Plus, it looks like a pill capsule, which makes total sense because he's a doctor. Fortunately for me, I have a prescription. Ha!

(Okay. Even for me, that was lame but the joke originally belonged to Cody our helpful salesman/teenager at Best Buy.)

After seeing the Pill, all other speakers fail to exist. I only had eyes for the Pill and let's face it. Wham! is going to sound amazing coming out of this baby.

Listening to music on Beats by Dre has to up my cred by at least a bazillion. Listening to Wham! on my Pill might not be the wisest move thug-wise, but still. My street cred is through the roof, yo.


Jen keeps a quirky and (sometimes) humorous blog,, where she writes of her life (with occasional flashbacks to the 80s) and shares her non-award winning photos.

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