May TidBits.

5 years ago

 I had good intentions today, really. I was going to write about Wendy Watts, and how she's a little crazy. She's like a cross between Miss Frizzle and her pet, Liz. I was going to write about her fire red hair that is never obedient, about her quirky personality, her iconic full white skirt and beaded jewelry, each bead having a story to tell. But I can't, because although decided that 19ºC is absolute spring and summer weather, apparently forgot to inform body. Therefore, body decided that getting out of the pool, skipping a shower, wrapping myself in towels, and driving home for a shower in 19º is oh so perfect weather for getting an ear ache. So, please put up with me for a while longer and enjoy, May TidBits:


If I ever write a memoir, it'll be called, "Larissa L. Tenorio and Her Big Fat Mouth."

I'm pretty convinced my life would be different if I knew how to keep quiet.

Cleaning/Cooking days (Fridays) are great, 'cause I end up finding a bunch of things I hadn't seen since I lost them on Monday. The bad part about Fridays, is that I end up eating way too much food.

Anybody else ever sometimes want to give it all up and become the dog version of a cat lady?

@AdvicetoWriters "Be yourself and your readers will follow you anywhere. Try to commit an act of writing and they will jump overboard to get away." WM ZINSSER


"Epiphany" is actually a really fun word to say. Epiphany. Epiphany. Epiphany.

 Victor is going through his stamps and looking them up in his catalogue. "What kind of stamp is this? It has no face value!" "Well maybe it has butt value." I answer. I crack myself up sometimes. My mother had a friend (that I never met), who used to tell jokes and then ask, "Aren't I funny?!" Yeah, sometimes I wonder if it's possible to inherit traits from your mother's friends, (that you've never met). 

Wore my cowboy boots today. (: Finally. 

Say it with me ... "You can take the girl out of Texas, but you can't take the Texas out of the girl."

I actually find it giggle worthy when Facebook recommends Paris located pages because I have my location as Paris, France. Tricked Ya! Takes so little to amuse me.

Listening to Battistelli's A Hundred More Years and Victor goes "Oh goodness, how many centuries are you going to live lady?" His logic..

"Get in a lot of trouble with that big mouth of yours?" 

"No, I just had to learn to apologize a lot..." - Sophie

Love it when my Physics textbook deviates from technical language:

And two more things: 

I just made my first bunt cake..I haven't flipped it yet, so wish me luck! So far it hasn't burnt or exploded or anything. So, so far so good. It's cooling outside now, so I'm crossing my fingers hoping no wild and ferocious animal has gotten in it (actually, if an animal did get in it, let's hope that it was a wild and ferocious one as opposed to a tame one that I could possibly get my hands on), and that it flips over nicely. It should! Boy did I grease and flower that pan!

And now, most importantly, Victor's birthday is tomorrow! My widdle baby brother is going to be eleven! Oh I just might start bawling already!

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