Maternity Pants? Seriously...She's 4 Now!

6 years ago

This post is written by Cheryl Marquez, she is a co-founder of Hand Things Down, the social application to help busy moms give away the precious things the kids have outgrown AND get the things they need right from their phones.

BEFORE: Closet FloorAFTER: Closet Floor

Photos: Before & After of the Closet Floor

Spring brings thoughts of April showers and May flowers. Yet for moms, it's usually the time of year we start to think of spring cleaning or deep cleaning of the dark spaces in the back of our closets. My sister cleaned out her closet on Saturday. Her comment to this, "Definitely needed to do this deep clean/sort...why did I find 3 pairs of maternity pants still in my closet!? Maya will turn 4 next month!" My thought on that is as long as you weren't still wearing the maternity pants, then all is well.

Here are some things you'll need to get that closet cleaned out:
  • Two plastic garbage bags
  • Plastic bin to put out of season clothes
  • Laundry basket
BEFORE: Hanging ClothesAFTER: Hanging Clothes
Photos: Before & After of the Hanging Clothes
Steps to clean out your closet:
  • Label one of the garbage bags to donate and the other garbage bag is for stuff you just need to throw away.
  • The plastic bin will hold the heavy winter sweaters and long underwear, for states where you experience seasons. These items will be stored until next season.
  • Use the laundry basket to put items which belong in another room or closet. It's much easier to throw these things in the laundry basket then bring the basket to different rooms to put things away.
  • Quickly sort thorough the clothes.
    • Leave in season clothes on the hangers or in the drawers.
    • Pull clothes, accessories, or shoes which need to be donated and put them into the donate bag.
    • Pull clothes, accessories, or shoes which need to be throw away and put them into the trash bag.
    • Pull winter clothes and put them into the plastic bin if you won't be wearing them the remainder of spring/summer.
  • Sort the remaining clothes by type and color to make getting ready easier. For example, hang all the work tops together, hang all the weekend jeans together. I personally have workout T-shirts folded in the same drawer as workout pants so it's easier for me to grab gym clothes. 
The idea in organizing your closet is to create a system that will make it easier to get ready in the morning quickly, so you can get the kids ready and out the door with the minimum amount of drama.
Here are a couple blog posts to help you tackle the kids rooms:
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