Marshawn Evans' Top 13 Branding Mistakes

I literally *just* hung up the phone from Marshawn Evans' FABULOUS "Expand Your Brand Tele-Seminar." If you're not familar with Ms. Evans, she is the President of ME Unlimited, marketplace mentor, reinvention strategist, and life catalyst. In short, she's Superwoman! And although I won't give away all my notes, here are Marshawn's Top 13 Branding Mistakes. To get in on her new Brand Class, visit her website now! Be sure to "like" her on Facebook and follow her on Twitter as well!

A brand is a message, a story, and a solution. (Marshawn Evans)


  1. Poor Messaging: Lack of clarity. 

  2. Poor Packaging & Poor Positioning: Have a short, and concise message (vision, mission, etc.). Learn how to position yourself as an authority. 

  3. Poor/Insufficient Income Stream: You don't have the right streams of income, nor do you have enough streams of income to accomplish what you must. Expand your thinking.

  4. Poor Visibility: No platform and no following. Visibility gives people access to you.

  5. Poor Promotion: This isn’t about you getting attention for you. It’s about sharing the message God has given you.

  6. Poor Planning: Winging it is not an option. Hope is not a brand or business strategy.

  7. Poor Habits: Giving (too much) stuff away, etc. Begging vs. Building. Begging is bad. Building is good.

  8. Poor System: Not having a game plan. You can't succeed without this.

  9. Poor Guidance: Listening to the wrong people, too many people (window shopping), etc. You know everything and do nothing. As Marshawn always says, a confused mind does nothing. Get clarity in your guidance.

  10. Poor Accountability: Poor follow-through, not finishing. This is especially prominet with Christians and church people. Professional accountability makes a difference.

  11. Poor Community: Struggling in isolation, being all alone, being the only one at your (high) level in your circle. (Desire needs direction.)

  12. Poor Investments: You gotta have skin in the game or there’s no congruency. (You invest differently, if you want to reap differently.) Think in terms of a thing being "expansive, not expensive."

  13. Poor Thinking: You have to ACT like a [millionaire] now if you want to be one. As a [woman] thinks in her heart, so is [she]. 

BONUS: Poor Confidence: Excuses that you allow to disqualify you from moving forward. "I'm not good enough." "I'm not educated enough." "I'm not smart enough, pretty enough, experienced enough, etc." Take this advice from Marshawn: God doesn't call the qualified, He qualifies the called.

Which of these branding mistakes are you making??

If these tips resonated with you and you could see yourself--and your mistakes--in this list, sign up for Marshawns' brand new Brand Class, starting October 9th! You can also listen to the playback here


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