To The Manor Retired (An Eleventh Hour Conundrum)

3 years ago

Last night's posting on FB "So, a text from my boss this morning. "Call me when you have a chance". Ok, so I think, well, he needs a password or they can't find something. So NOT prepared to hear what he had to say. His boss had come to the airport. Long story short, I am "too valuable an asset" to lose from the company. Tossing around ideas and want to offer me some new deal that would set me up at one of the local offices as an AR, away from Toxicity. Closer to home. Full time or part time, my choice. So NOW what the hell do I do?? Have spent the last two weeks preparing to turn my world upside down. Is there a solution? Sure I won't sleep a wink tonight."

Good thing I am a House Hunter's fan.  Have spent the wee hours of the morning,  taking things apart in my mind and putting them back together again.   I have ruled out one of the three choices before me.   As attractive as parttime seems on the surface,  it really isn't when you consider:  I would still be giving up my FT benefits, including the health insurance.  No paid holidays,  no paid time off.  Still would have to go on Spouse's insurance. still driving in to work with a reduced salary.

Full time at a new location.  OK, I will go to the table and get the details.  I think the location nearest my house (ten minutes) would be just about be the only one I would consider and don't know if this one is an option.     Also, this would be ten minutes from Mom's, ten minutes from the hospital.   The closest I could be to the main concerns of my life right now.  Also, would getting permission to be off be harder than it is now?    What would happen in the office if I had to take a week?  Of course  hours, I don't think, would be quite the same.  Salary?  One would assume it would stay the same.  I don't know.  There are more deeply personal fears that would tip me in this direction.  Fear of losing  Spouse is paralysing, I wouldn't wish it on anyone,

Or, I can continue with the pathway that has been built in the last two weeks.  Much discussion, tears and Kleenex has been devoted to this construction by myself and Spouse.  I need divine guidance, a sign, a message, some advice, words of wisdom.  My heart is telling me this is the right choice.  My brain is telling me to be sure because I will have to decide today.

sunfeathers "life is full of possibilities"

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