To The Manor Retired (Almost)

4 years ago

Thankfully, it turned out to be pretty much a non-event.  But the radar and weather predictions were dire,  snow and ice were on the way to upstate South Carolina last night.  After days of rain, I couldn't help but think of the poor trees, standing in satuated ground, now having to face wind and a possible heavy ice buildup.  On the way home from work, the wind buffeted my truck, traffic signals were nearly impossible to see from a distance as they were being blown horizontal.  I saw some small trees and branches already down.  The last two traffic lights before I head up the mountain were out.

The feeling of relief that our tall oak trees were still standing didn't last past the point where I flipped on a light switch in the Manor...and nothing happened.  The power was out.  I thought "Here we go!".  Being made of stone, the house was still comfortable.  I closed the door to the chillier kitchen, attended to the hounds, lit several platters of large white pillar candles and a fire in the fireplace.  Running upstairs to put on some comfy clothes, I grabbed my current book, Elizabeth the Queen by Sally Bedell Smith.

Sitting there, nice and cozy, with my hounds, I listened to the almost gale-force winds howl around the Manor.   I wondered how many evenings had been spent just like this by the first family to have lived there and indeed, the two families between the builders and us.    Reading by candlelight, wrapped in a down throw, with a warmed hearth and sleeping dogs, it was almost like being transported back in time.

My eyelids  were getting awfully heavy.  I had just about decided to move to the couch, closer to the fire and lay down to nap untll Don got home.   But as with the weather forecast,  things were about to change.   Click, hummm, and the lamp I had turned on to let me know the electricity had returned, came to life.

Two separate sets of thoughts were going through my mind simultaneously, first and foremost, thankfulness that we weren't going to freeze to death.  Secondly, that I had to somehow find the will to get up and get supper going.  Also, there was the ten pounds of hamburger I had bought the day before and needed to be browned and packaged up for the freezer.   It was mind vs. body for several minutes.  But finally, the mind won out and I hauled myself out of the recliner.   Embracing the technology of today, I turned on the news in the kitchen and started to rock and roll through my tasks.   Wasn't too long before the kitchen was full of good smells and warmth from the cooking going on.   Even the greys were motivated to get up and come into the kitchen in hopes of a treat or the possibility of my dropping something in the floor that they could scarf up before I could retrieve it.

And so life goes on and it is back to normal for everyone today.    But still, I very much enjoyed my interlude of quiet and peacefullness, imagining days gone by.

sunfeathers "life is full of possibilities"

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