Manna From Heaven

7 years ago

Do you remember the story about the manna God sent for the Israelites?

(Exodus 16)  Shortly after they fled Egypt, where they were servants at the hands of a tyrant, the Israelites began complaining that Moses had led them into the desert to die of starvation.  Moses prayed and God sent manna in the morning and quail in the evening.  The Bible tells us that the manna continued for 40 years while they were in the desert, until they reached the Promised Land. 

There were conditions, however.  The Israelites were to take only enough for their household.  If they took too much, it would spoil and be full of maggots in the morning.  On the sixth day, they were to take enough for that day and the Sabbath and it would miraculously not spoil, but be good for the following day.  Even with all of God's provision, they still disobeyed.  They would take too much, they would go out on the Sabbath looking for more manna. 

It reminded me of our current economic situation.  Now, I am in no way promoting capitalism or a socialistic society.  Don't get me wrong here.  But, can you see the parallel where those who took to much saw their excess spoiled? 

For those of us who are making adjustments in our budgets to accommodate the current situation, are you experiencing God's manna?  For those hard-core tithers, do you know what I'm talking about?  We can feel God's provisions no matter what our circumstances when we trust in what He has provided and live within our means.  But we must live within the means God says, not what we want.  Trusting in God to provide for the next day. 

Thank you Lord for your provision.
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