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3 years ago

For about 10 years I've been using Lauren Hutton's makeup line.  I don't know if you've ever heard of it, she doesn't do a tremendous amount of marketing, but I heard about it somewhere (maybe More magazine, I'm not sure) several years ago and decided her theory of makeup made sense so I tried it and have been hooked ever since.

Lauren Hutton is now in her early 70's and looks so natural and lovely 

Her basic story is that when she returned to modeling at the age of 46, none of the makeup she found on the market worked on a 40+ woman; there were too many heavy products with added shimmer, shine and fillers that weren't right for a 40+ year old's skin, as they got stuck in the creases and just added lines and wrinkles to an already older face.

I've found her makeup to be very light and sheer and it includes the very best concealer I've ever used.  EVER.  And I've tried a lot of concealers for under eye circles.

Here's the deal.  She has this very simple system which looks like this:

Lauren Hutton Face Disc Classic which is $60.00 and lasts me about 4-6 months

This little disc above includes the entire system.  Every one of the individual discs above are color coded to a corresponding brush so that you know exactly which brush to use with which type of makeup.  (She also sells a complete set of 6 very high quality brushes that correspond to each element for $29.00.  Mine have lasted years).  There's also a booklet that Lauren includes which gives you exact instructions on where to place each different shade or shadow and it's super easy and super effective.

I thought I would never learn how to use shading on my cheeks, but her system is so simple that I do it every day and you can't see it; it adds depth and definition to my face while I look relatively natural and makeup free.

The system is really easy and very portable, so it's wonderful for travel.  I don't wear full face makeup, as I don't like how it looks or feels on me, so this is just enough for me.  If you DO wear face makeup, she has one and you can incorporate that into the system easily.

The key is that the makeup is sheer so you use it sparingly but can layer it to create more or less depth if you want it, say when you're going from day to night.  You can't really put too much of it on your face, the color is very sheer with just the right amount of depth of color.

As I've turned 50+, I've noticed that "less is more" for me when it comes to makeup.  If I wear too much, or wear heavier makeup, I just look old and garish and so this line with its subtle color palette has been perfect for me.

I used Lauren's makeup all through my chemo and it really helped me feel like I could help myself look healthier while feeling pretty miserable.  It was important to me to present a healthy exterior as I didn't want to look sick, and wanted to look as healthy as possible, which in turn made me feel healthier throughout the whole breast cancer process.

NOTE:  This is NOT a paid sponsored post, I have no affiliation with Lauren Hutton, and don't do paid endorsements.  I just happen to love this stuff and thought I'd share with anyone else who might be struggling with the current makeup on the market.

This stuff is made specifically for women 40+ and it works!  I'd love to hear if any of you readers have ever used it, and what you thought.

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