Make The Right Choice

5 years ago

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Deciding whether or not you are going to throw in the towel & give up in life is truly a choice. The last couple of months have literally been hell for me. I have personally dealt with, as well as continue to deal with bouts of chronic depression, some days are better than others, while other days are downright worse. What I have learned, as well as continue to learn is that how I feel is ultimately a choice. There have been countless days, where I crawl out of bed, only wanting to lay back down, instead I press through, knowing that any attack from the enemy is only temporary. When I feel as though I am about to faint, I cry Jesus! He never gives us more than we can bare. I smile even when it hurt’s, as well as encourage other’s when in reality some days, I need encouragement myself. The bible teaches that the word of God will provide your mind with peace, in fact it will give you a perfected peace. Isaiah 26:3 You will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast, because they trust in you The scripture states that it is for those minds that are steadfast, which allows us to have a better understanding of what the scripture is teaching us. The Webster dictionary defines the word steadfast as being firmly fixed in place, not subject to change, firm in belief determine, adhering to a fixed location! In order to help the next person, I have chosen to allow this blog to be transparent in doing so I can honestly say that my faith lately has lacked consistency, in doing so it has open doors to demonic attacks by the enemy to bring forth anxiety, fear, depression, impatience, as well as anger and frustration. I can assure you that none of the above attributes that I mentioned are of God, nor does he desires his children to live this way. Today I choose to press pass those false feelings & emotions, and I told the enemy outright I am not accepting that package of lies today! I choose to be efficient today, I choose to be a blessing to others despite how I may feel, I choose to trust God & that whatever dilemma  I am facing , I trust that God has my back! Staying in a fixed location of faith, brings  forth power & the power of the blood of Jesus working in our life , brings forth dramatic change!  Sometimes it has to be just that simple, despite how we choose to put our own spin on things.

God recently gave me an assignment, I worried that just maybe, I wasn’t moving fast enough. All that we worry about God has already figured it all out, it is our job to relax in faith & trust God at his word. The enemy knows when we are about to birth something big, this is why he positions himself right in front of that glorious birth in you that is about to take place. No one said that this walk to pursue God was going to be easy, in fact anything worth having will nearly cost you everything, but we have peace in knowing that what we face is but for a little while. I am so thankful to God for not giving up on us, even on days we wanted to give up on ourselves. God is so faithful that it only makes sense for us to make the right choice. I love you! More Importantly Jesus loves you and yes he does care.


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