Maintaining 2012 Goals

6 years ago
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The New Year brings a lot of talk about goals and resolutions. People vowing to break records, conquer longer distances and lose a few more pounds. My own list of 2012 goals includes things like finally breaking three hours at the Olympic distance, maintaining better balance between my training and personal lives and pulling the trigger on a 2013 Ironman. It's widely known that four out five people will break one or more of their resolutions, and one-third won't even make it to the end of January.  As we begin week two of 2012, how do we keep our focus to ensure that the goals we set on January 1 become a reality by December 31? Here are some of my tips for making and keeping your New Year's goals.

Be Realistic. The promise of a New Year brings with it the hope that we can accomplish anything. Not to deflate that feeling, but managing our own expectations is key to reaching our goals. When you set your goals for 2012, be realistic. Break your goal into smaller, digestible pieces. Build upon your successes throughout the year so you don't get frustrated and completely give up on your goal.

Prioritize. I'm a big believer is finding and maintaining balance in your life. The same goes for maintaining your New Year's goals. You have to prioritize and focus if you want achieve your goals. It's important to incorporate your goals into your schedule without having to sacrifice other pieces of your life. If you begin to deprive yourself from certain things, you are more likely to abandon your resolution.

Regular evaluations. It's important to write down your goals and to evaluate them on a regular basis. These regular check-ins with yourself will allow you to evaluate your progress and adjust if needed.

Reward yourself. As you make progress towards your goals, reward yourself for those victories. It's important to give yourself these pats-on-the-back throughout the year so you maintain your interest level in achieving your goals.

You can make a goal at any time. Don't box yourself in with the thinking that you can only set a goal at the beginning of the year. You can set new goals for yourself at any time! As you work towards your 2012 goals, don't be afraid to move the goal posts to play off your recent successes or new priorities and interests.

What are your tips and tricks for maintaining your New Year's Resolutions? Drop me a comment and let me know!