Mad Garden Science

4 years ago

Mad Garden Science

So yesterday I wrote about Shultz Take Root. I decided to do an experiment. I have a coleus cutting that has been trying to root in water for about a week or two now. I have not seen any growth on the darn thing yet. The instructions on Shultz Take Root don’t say anything about adding the hormone into water, however the directions do not say not to. What did I do? I poured a bit in the water. The very next day now The coleus has nice wispy roots. How cool is that?  Just sprinkle some in water with your cutting and it super charges them. This makes me want to do this to more cuttings.

The other thing that I have done, and Holly will not be happy when she reads this, but I divided my moss ball. I cut the ball right in half! Currently the ball halves are wrapped with string so they will grow back into a ball shape. From what I have read this is a way to speed up moss ball propagation. I cut them about a week ago, and they are still a lush green. If they haven’t started dying yet, I should be in the clear.

If you do not know what a butterfly bush is, check back a little later, or search on Google. They are one of my favorite bushes. They attract butterflies, and humming birds. They also have a very sweet and appealing scent. They grow these lush purple flowers that are just beautiful. This all leads to my cuttings of my butterfly bush. Before the weather got too cold outside and I lost my softwoods, I made some cuttings. Butterfly bushes need a higher amount of light. Sadly indoors I do not have the light needed for them yet. I made three cuttings. I just checked my last one, and it is dying. So for Christmas now, I think I will get me a led light strip for the 15 gallon tank.

Really though, check out the butterfly bush. They are so pretty, and smell so good. I hope this coleus of mine grows some awesome roots so it will survive and grow. They are so pretty. I have a red and green coleus, but they come in oranges and pinks too. This Take Root stuff has me wanting to propagate all things! Sadly I think I need more pots and better lights for indoors before I do.

Well, thank you for reading,


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