Lucy the cat's first week home

4 years ago


“Let’s bring her downstairs so she can eat breakfast in the kitchen.  I think it is good for her to get to know the house,” my husband, Marc, said.

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First picture of Lucy at her new home


“Okay.  Should I carry her down?”


“I’d rather she came on her own.”


“I know,” I answered as I picked up one of her toys, a stick with a dangling ball and feather, “I will use this to get her to come down.”




“Lucy, come on Lucy!” I cheered.  But Lucy didn’t come.  I grabbed the stick toy and once again guided her where I wanted her.

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“I don’t know if that is such a good idea,” Marc stated.




“She needs to learn her way around the house without the toy.  Besides, what will happen if we lose the toy?”


I rolled my eyes.  “How are we going to lose the toy?”




“Hey! Lucy!  Come here sweet girl!” I cheered as I waved her toy in the air.  “Marc she loves this thing!”

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“Lucy?  Where did your toy go?” I asked.  Lucy didn’t answer.


“Marc, have you seen her toy?”

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“Marc, have you seen Lucy’s toy?  I can’t find it anywhere.”


“Did you look behind the couch?”


“Yes, I looked everywhere.  I even used a flashlight.”

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“How could we have lost that toy?” I asked Marc.  “I looked everywhere!”


“It’s got to be here,” Marc said matter-of-factly.


“It’s not. I have looked everywhere. It disappeared.”


“How can that happen?”


“I don’t know.  Do you think Alex is playing games with us? Do you think he took it?” I asked.


Oh man… I get blamed for everything…




“Hey Lucy, look what I got you!” I exclaimed as I entered the house.  I opened my bag and took out three stick toys.  I turned to Marc and explained, “I got extras in case we lose them again.”

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“Oh goodie,” he replied.


“Seriously, I don’t understand how the toy got lost. I really think Alex is responsible.  Marc rolled his eyes.




“I looked all over the house again,” I announced to Marc.  I swear… that toy went missing!  How could that be?”  I then turned to Lucy.  “Did your brother steal your toy?”  Lucy purred in response.


“Hey Marc, could you imagine if we find it outside? I swear Alex playing games with us is the only explanation.”

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I came downstairs and sat in front of my computer.  Marc was standing by the deck door.  As I started to type, Marc called out to the cat, “Lucy, mommy thinks she is funny.”


“Huh?” I asked, barely paying attention.


He repeated.  “You think you are funny?”


Now he got my attention.  “What are you talking about?”

“Come here and look.”  I walked over to where he was standing and looked outside.  There on the center of the deck was the missing toy.


“What??? How did it get there?  I didn’t do that?  I didn’t,” I stammered and stuttered.  “Do you think?  Is it possible? Could Alex have really taken it?”


And then Marc couldn’t suppress his laughter anymore…

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