Love that will change telecoms and travel history

7 months ago
It was 2015 when a woman of travel and a man of technology first met. This meeting was destined to change not only their lives but also lives of many people.
Mrs. travel and Mr. Geek as all young people fall in love in one beautiful April day. For her, as a traveler, it was just a  trip that turned to become a life-change  event. Just after 3 days from this meeting they confessed their love for each other and a month later they got married. You will think this is a typical love story, but wait…
Nomad girl can’t turn to a housewife in one day, so they made a deal to travel together every 3 months, by agreement that she would let her tech-mind husband to be in touch with his clients on phone. It seemed that everything is going to be perfect, but after returning from the first trip they had their first real fight. What was the reason you will ask? They got a bill-shock of hundreds dollars from the mobile roaming that he used to contact for business. In anger he announced that they are not going to travel any more, but himself started to search for solutions, as the most important thing for lover is to make the one he loves happy. Secretly from her he began to seek alternatives and  experiment with different technologies. He found out that world faces the same problem as he does. 350 Million people is a huge number to have the same issue, don’t you think so? Over 57 Billion dollars gone for nothing. Million bill-shocks and no solutions. So he plunged into work and one beautiful day created a magic device, which was going to solve not only their, but millions of people problem. He named this device VoxEra, and  in November day, presented her as a gift. She didn’t understand what is it for and why he is so excited with that small piece of plastic and metal, till she tried its functionality first time.
Now a year later from these events they represent their story of love and a changes that this love brought to their lives. Now they are not just a married couple but also partners in work and owners of a new startup that launched in Kickaterter to help people solve their roaming problem as it did with them.
VoxEra is a small device that let travelers to use their own local SIM card worldwide  without any roaming fees. Technology behind it is simple but yet brilliant. “I was shocked when I found out in Juniper research that mobile operators generated 57Billion USD in 2013 and this number is going to reach 90Billion by 2018. This became a push point  for me to take the path of  VoxEra”, says Amr Elgebaly, founder of VoxEra.For supporting this beautiful couple initiative and also changing to more free connection visit their Kickstater page and view the details of VoxEra.
The team behind VoxEra decided to launch kickstarter campgien .. and they launched it and got them target in just 5 days .. so you can go now and support this couples to change the history
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