Lottery Charities - You Win even when You Lose

4 years ago
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Most of us play the lottery for fun, entertainment, and most importantly for the excitement that it brings into our routine lives, even though we are aware that our chances of winning are slim to none.

Though there are a number of lotteries and sweepstakes that are conducted by different commercial organizations which award millions to the winners, there are only a few non-profit organizations that conduct lotteries for noble causes. Apart from the winner who gets his prize, these organizations do not make any profit in the form of commissions, and spend all the remaining money raised through the lottery for a good cause.

How Do Lottery Charities Work?

Organizers of Lottery charities sell tickets to the aspirants and select the winners through a draw. You can buy these tickets both at your local stores and online as well.

There can be more than one winner. It all depends on the nature of the lottery you are participating in, but usually only one grand prize is involved, for example a good car or a new house for your family.

Odds Of Winning A Lottery Charity

Odds of winning depend on the design of the lottery. There are several factors that affect you winning chances.

If the group of numbers from which the lottery is drawn increases, your chances of winning get slimmer. Your pay out depends on the percentage of numbers that match the winning number. The more numbers you match, the more will be the payout. Similarly, as the number of the participants increases, your odds of winning the lottery decrease.

An Example Of A Lottery Charity

In order to understand how a lottery charity works, let us look into the lottery conducted by Mater Prize Home charity.

For example, Cars for Cancer charity is an Australian based non-profit organization that helps in raising funds for treating many children at the Mater children's hospital,  medical equipment, and for different kinds of medical research with the help of Mater Foundation.

The winner of their lottery held six times per year will be awarded with a brand new million dollar house that is fully furnished. There are a lot of other exciting prizes to be won as well. Most of the participants of this lottery charity are people hoping to win an awesome new home. The tickets are quite affordable tagged at two dollars each. People can buy as many tickets as they want.

There are many other charity lotteries offering different prizes, like money, cars, houses, holidays or other random draws that are supposed to entice people to play.

It is interesting to note that this particular charity has been around in its current format since the 1960s, so the concept is really not new, although many people just started hearing about it. The reasons for this are the current turbulent economic times - it is common knowledge that people turn to games of chance more in tough economic climate, and this has presented a great way for different charities to raise funds for their alturistic goals.

Unfortunately, charity lotteries are not always good news, as there are lottery "charities" that give only a certain percentage, like 20%, to charity, and keep the rest. Such is the Health Lottery, a charity lottery that only gives the government minimum of 20% of the proceeds to charity, while even the National British Lottery gives more - 28% of profits to be exact. To be safe your money is actually being put to a good cause, and if you live in USA or Canada, consult the Better Business Bureau.

You Always Win With A Charitable Lottery

Irrespective of whether you win or lose in this numbers game, you can always consider yourself a winner. This is because you know that the money you have paid for the lottery ticket is going to help a lot of people who require the assistance of others. Buying a lottery charity ticket will not only bring some excitement into your life, but will also bring a hope of survival into many other lives too!

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