Lots of Facebook Folks Like Lady Gaga and I Don't Care

7 years ago

Lady Gaga is the most popular person in the world. She is. Facebook says so. Well to be accurate, a research company says so. Since Lady Gaga has more Facebook fans "Likes" than any living human being, that obviously makes her the most popular person in the world. And we are supposed to care about this because... I don't know. That's the part I can't figure out. Maybe you can help me?

If you're on Facebook then you understand why having a lot of friends might be important. If you play Zynga games, for instance. Friends mean more neighbors and more neighbors means... I'm not really sure because I don't play Zynga games but from what I've heard, it means good things. Without neighbors (and thus friends) you might not be able to have a Frontierville baby or attend a CafeWorld Tuscon wedding or who knows what. That stuff is important. Having a lot of friends can also be important if you are using Facebook to network and build a business or a brand (don't shoot me, I believe in brand building.)

If you're on Facebook and you have a Fan page for your business or your brand or your persona, then you really really understand the importance of fans "Likes". If a lot of people "Like" you then you can have a personalized Facebook url. If a lot of people "Like" you, then you can see more metrics around your Facebook page. If a lot of people "Like" you, then you have a broader network to send your message to. And that's important. It really is.

The BlogHer Facebook page is hugely important because a lot of people "Like" us - really like us. That's good. I want everyone to "Like" us. You have "Liked" us, right?

Wait, where was I? Oh yes, Facebook fans "Likes" are important to your business and your brand. But as a Facebook community member, I really don't care much about the super user who has millions of fans "Likes". If I go to your Facebook page and I see that you "Like" Lady Gaga or President Obama, I'm going to shrug and keep moving. I'm not even going to bother to click Lady Gaga or President Obama's pages, even though I am a big Lady Gaga fan and I don't really hate President Obama. Their pages, on Facebook, just don't interest me. And your "Liking" of their pages just tells me that you're a typical human being - I want to see you "Like" Facebook pages that really tell me something about you.

Let me give you some examples.

My 20 year old daughter, Michelle recently "Liked" Gosh Darn Seamstry. Now this is interesting to me. This I clicked and this I "Liked". I know Cori Kate, through my daughter. I know she's young, talented, and my daughter has a crush on her. I also really want to support young women who are trying to build their businesses and share their talents with the world Cori Kate is a great example of that.

Michelle also recently "Liked" the Gainesville Music Archive. Super interesting because, hello, Gainesville! Independent music! I clicked. I "Liked". I listened to music that was linked there. I talked about it on my Facebook and guess what happened... Erin Kotecki Vest saw my wall post and I ended up sending her some music to share with her husband (who also likes female punk musicians.) Win for all of us. That's a fan page that generated interesting discussions and interactions. I don't think "Liking" Lady Gaga or President Obama Facebook pages will do that for me.

Then there's my SIL, Christine. I love that woman. She's one of the funniest women I've ever met. When I saw her "Like" Hefty Trash Bags two things ran through my mind: 1) I laughed -- "that's Christine!" 2) "I bet there's a coupon lurking there." I was right on both counts. Besides being funny as hell, she's a coupon queen. If Christine likes a company then odds are high that she's either gotten a great deal or there's a deal to be had. I was right - Hefty's giving away a coupon if you "Like" their fan page, (which may or may not be good marketing - ask Susan Getgood about that.)

Who cares about Lady Gaga when I've got independent artists and coupons to explore?

Who have you liked on Facebook? If you were my Facebook friend and saw "Denise Tanton likes Erin's Semi-Colon" would you click that? What causes you to click a "My friend likes this..." link on Facebook?

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