Loss, togetherness and oneness

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Have you noticed the slogans of oneness and love?

People talking and sharing about family and tribe and union?

Have seen and felt the connection with other individuals on your path to enlightenment?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then most likely you are already there in the home of your heart searching for authenticity and realization that is beyond mind.  

In understanding the noble path of Buddhism, when we bow our heads to the suffering within our being and all around, we naturally emerge for a breath to ask another important question, what is the way out of this mess? 

This question is important to be present with. When a question presents itself we realize often that we dismiss the important questions in our life and try to deny our way back into suffering. 

In a glimpse of empty naked awareness when there is room to grasp such a question, we move to understand that indeed we do need a path and a way out of suffering. Moreover this path is very much so, paved with hard work and obscurations that we and our Sangha help us to overcome. 

It is pivotal to have trust in your teacher. That relationship is not only sacred, it is fundamental in helping you to become clear in what sane way of being is. 

Many people talk and write about love and healing these days, many people have therapies and tools to quickly overcome your immediate issues, however not many teachers have a permanent solution for the root of your problem which is your karmic suffering and rebirth in the wheel of samsara. 

At he Teaching in Paris, His Holiness the Gyalwang Karmapa was asked if all beings belong to the Dharma, after some reflection The 17th reincarnation of His Holiness with clarity pointed us to realize that all beings belong to Buddhism and are in many ways interconnected and interdependent with the Buddha Dharma. 

This does not mean that every person will practice Buddhism in this life, however when an opportunity is present to be with an awake teacher and compassionate being, it is important to cease this opportunity.

In interfaith and in studying several of the major world's religions during my dissertation research and paper I found that all religions do not point into the same truth at all. 

Science and research in medicine, physics, mathematics and other fields shows us that all the parts that make us/world up are empty. 

In the presence of a realized teacher we quickly gain confidence in the importance of understanding our circumstances and conditions, ways in which we must work with them to purify our karma and to reach that thing that we are all after and call it freedom, enlightenment. 

In that sense we are in this together. 

Overcoming our karma and karmic conditions entails our diligent focus on practice, and trust.

When this work starts we are faced with a grim awareness of just how our minds work and how it may affect our life. Vanquishing our wrongdoings from this and past lives, and lifting the lamp to eluminate our narrow vision is a beautiful embrace of nirvana and samsara. 

Rev. Dr. Karma Sonan Wangmo 


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