Looking For Signs That Are Sealed And Delivered

elizabeth: I was dreaming about overindulging in Halloween candy when the phone rang. I don’t like getting calls after 10 PM because of that old wives’ tale that bad news only comes at night.  Yeah, right. A soft gentlemen’s voice on the other end informed me that he had a dream about my phone number and had to call. Not a great pick-up line, but I really wasn’t thinking he was going there. He said it again and I told him that he woke me up. It was late. Yes, he said it is 5 AM in Tibet. 5 AM in the Tibet? And then I heard it - a slight accent. I am holding the phone not knowing whether to hang up but his voice was smoothing and I sensed he wanted to tell me something besides my phone number popping up in his dreams. Maybe the lottery numbers?  It was then that he said he had a dream about my phone number and that I was going to have a very good year. So that was the message. A man somewhere on the other side of the planet was letting me know that the year was going to be a very good one for me. I thanked him and we hung up. He delivered his message – mission accomplished. Me – I am going to take it as a sign to believe that it will be a very good year. And at least he didn’t ask me if my refrigerator was running.

 When I got off the phone, I said to Walter that some man from Tibet called to say that I was going to have a very good year. I think Walter’s eyes are still somewhere in the back of his head. 

Laurie:  If I have told elizabeth once, I’ve told her a million times.  She really has to start sharing her drugs.  I’m not even sure if there is a habitable Tibet any more, and this is one far-fetched story.  But I’m tempted to give her the benefit of the doubt because I’ve had similar “huh?” experiences.  I have a little deal with The Universe.  Whenever I’m feeling blue (no, I’m not going to break out into song and “whistle a happy tune”), I count on TU (I’m on very casual terms with The Universe) to show me something yellow, my favorite color.  Summer is much easier on TU, but I have seen dandelions peeping above snow in February.  Works every time.

elizabeth: The other day I thought about two friends that I had not heard from in a while – one was over 18 months. Within 48 hours both had gotten in touch with me. Did I send out some message in the wind that they picked up? Not sure but they both emailed to say we should get together. I love this stuff!  All I had to do was think about them. I am sitting here thinking about a smaller waist, peace on earth and financial security. Now if they all come to me in 48 hours, you’ll all be the first to know. Walter will be ordering himself some smelling salts.

Laurie:  You should also share the smelling salts. 

elizabeth: About two weeks ago, I went to find some gift cards that were tucked away in a safe place. Only problem was they were not there. After searching high and low for them, I resigned myself to the fact that they were history.  But secretly I was pissed off.   On Halloween morning, I went looking for my black cat earrings and witch pin and they were nowhere to be found. Now I was speaking in tongues! Walter, in his most sarcastic voice, said to go ask David. David is my darling friend who died 12 years ago on Thanksgiving. One way I keep David close to me is by asking him to find things I can’t. Needless to say the last few weeks have been busy for him. So I did. I walked over to this one area of the bedroom and picked up this hat box. Felt a little heavy. Opened it and there was my Halloween finery.  Right next to it was the box that contained my gift cards.  So if you ask me if I believe in signs, well, I think I just answered that.

Laurie:  Well as long as we’re confessing (sort of), I have a book with messages from angels – hey, you never know.  And each morning I read a snippet, also known as a Message of the Day.  This particular day the message was “Look for miracles wherever you are.”  Later casually strolling to my doctor’s appointment, I happened to look down at the pavement, and there mere millimeters from my left foot was a dragonfly, its iridescent wings glimmering against the New York City grime of this highly-traveled walkway.  Forget the fact that I have never seen a dragonfly anywhere in the Big Apple before.  Cooler than cool was the fact that I had on my dragonfly socks!

Yes, elizabeth, you can borrow my socks (she loves crazy socks) if I can wear your witch pin next Halloween. 



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