Looking back to 2008 for a better 2009

9 years ago
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HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! As we embark
on 2009 I invite you to start this New Year by evaluating where you
have been over the last year and looking ahead to a new year where all
your dreams can come to fruition. To do this, I suggest you build a
strong foundation on which to create your best life ever. That means
looking at the things you gave your attention to last year and if need
be, making a fresh start to get where you'd like to be this year. There
is no point in building a vision of the future on a foundation muddied
with unfinished business, unresolved issues, old hurts, deep
resentments and feelings of regrets. If you drag this negativity into
the New Year I assure you that your new vision will not be fully
realized. Bringing in a New Year is a great time to let go of any
attitude, project, relationship, or people, places and things that
weighs us down or impedes our progress towards a more purposeful and
joyful life.

In Philippians 3:13, the apostle Paul talks about
"forgetting those things which are behind and reaching forward to those
things which are ahead."

So, what things do you need to leave
behind in 2008? I invite you to make a list this week of all the things
that may have held you back over the last year and I challenge you to
choose not to carry these things into 2009.

To help you get started here are a few examples of things you may want to rid yourself of:

Projects and activities that you are not passionate about:
don't have time to waste on things that really don't matter to you
anymore! Decide what is important to you and focus your energy there.
Get clear about what you want in life. No dream is too big.

"Friendships" that drain your energy, are not reciprocal or are just plain abusive or inappropriate:
the New Year you do not have time for any that does not serve your
greater good. I challenge you to love and respect others, and to expect
to be loved and respected in return. Accept nothing less.

"Wishing" and "regretting":
on what might have been or what you want to magically appear does
nothing to help you build a better future and leaves you feeling
powerless to change your life. So, leave the past in the past and live
in the here and NOW with focused attention on your intention for a life
filled with passion and joy.

Grudges and being unforgiving:
is true what they say that to forgive is for YOU not the other person.
Do not do so will keep you stuck in the past and drain you mentally,
spiritually and over time, can even make you physically ill. So, accept
things the way they are. That doesn't mean to condone or support bad or
deviant behavior. Rather, it means you realize we are all doing our
best at all times where we are at with what we’ve got. So forgive
others for when they fall short of our expectations. Forgive AND MOVE

Lamenting over a broken heart:
to let go of what was, to learn from the experience and start focusing
on a vision of a new you! The past can’t hurt you but if you remain
there you will relive the pain and heartache over and over again. Move
on, date yourself, love yourself, become the love you want in return
with a happy, healthy, open heart.

Focusing on failures and mistakes:
wallow in them. Learn from them. Our so-called failures teach us more
about ourselves than successes. You will learn who you are, what you
stand for, what you’re made of not when you fall but on the journey
back up again.

Honoring superficial status symbols:
may be possible that you need to let go of something that makes you
feel more important than the true essence of who you are- a job title
that you let define you, a certain relationship that makes you think
you’re a part of the “in crowd” or a material possession you really can
no longer afford. These attachments could be the very things that are
blocking your path to a more purposeful life?

Having a negative attitude:
a decision not to rain on your own parade and to only be around those
who will support the highest thoughts about you. Stop embracing the
reasons you cannot have the life you want and start focusing,
supporting and affirming all the reasons you CAN have an abundant life.

Living a life of procrastination:
get started, let of the project or idea, or change the goal to
something more manageable. Don't burden yourself by dragging this old
habit into the New Year.

These are just a few examples of
some things you may want to get rid of in the New Year. I encourage you
to create your own personal list so that your foundation for 2009 isn't
cracked by negative influences, attitudes or habits. It is an act of
faith. We hold on to the old because we are afraid to let go. Pray for
the wisdom to identify what you need to let go of and for the courage
to actually let it go. Then set your intention for a new year and a new
you. Focus your attention on your intention and know with great
expectation that your hearts desires will manifest. Prayer, meditation,
affirmations, vision boards all help you focus your attention on your
intention. Faith is the knowing with great expectation that the
Universe will respond to wants and desires. Do these things and you
will be delighted to see how God will show up in your life in ways big
and small to support your greatest good!

I wish you a Happy New
Year and pray that in 2009 you will recognize your hopes and dreams and
begin working on making them all come true.

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