The Best Way to Give Money

4 years ago

Do you remember the thrill of getting money when you were a kid? Even if it was a two-dollar bill when two dollars would buy you, um, nothing good? For some of us, the thrill of getting money never wore off. *cough* If you've got a money-lover on your holiday list, check out some of these cute ways to pass cash.

Chinese Red Envelopes

Get red Chinese money envelopes on Etsy, $5.

NEXT IDEA ⇒ Super Cute Money Clips

Get big bad wolf money holders on Etsy, $25.

NEXT IDEA ⇒ Gift Card Tree

See my sister-in-law Lynn Arens' adorable gift card tree? And all I had to do was give her a gift card for my in-laws.

NEXT IDEA ⇒ Hide It in Plain Sight

The key chain super-secret money holder. Get it at Spyville, $19.99.

NEXT IDEA ⇒ Hide It In Their Underwear

A bra stash personal security wallet. What you can't buy on Amazon, $7.99.

NEXT IDEA ⇒ Hide It in Their Munchies

The secret Pringles can money holder: Blue Light Special at Kmart, $14.99.

NEXT IDEA ⇒ Savings Bond

Get 'em at your bank.

Credit Image: Ally Rose 18 on Flickr


My ex-financial adviser husband (not my ex-husband -- he used to be a financial adviser -- I don't have an ex-husband) told me you can get just one share of stock at ShareBuilder.

Credit Image: jmoneyyyyyyy on Flickr

Do you like to give money, or does it have to be a "real gift" for you?

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