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2 years ago
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In the last few years Google has been adding more and more emphasis on the local search rank list. We all remember the Pigeon update in July of 2014. However, there are still some who think local website traffic is not as important. If you are one of those people, you are missing out on a whole set of a consumer base. Let’s think about it: When you search for a restaurant in your area, are you searching on your mobile devise? How often are you adding “near me” or near the town/city you are in? You are likely doing this on a daily basis if not multiple times a day.

Even though we might use this way to find businesses on a daily basis, there are many people who do not have their location sites updated or even functioning. Some of this may be due to businesses having multiple locations and those specific locations not keeping up with their local demographic site, or NAP (we will discuss this more later).

How Can You Optimizes Local Web Traffic?

  • Original and unique content

The most important aspect of any site is to generate local search engine rankings. In order to set your business apart from other businesses, you need to have unique and engaging content for your viewers. People want to know what they are getting, who you are, what you have done for others, and how others have thought you have done.

This can be challenging if you are a branch of a larger corporation. It is much easier to use the corporation’s main tags, but this can hurt your local search results because Google will see the tag and only rank the national corporation.

Some ways you can make exceptional content for individual branches is to create unique content about the store, its owner, managers and employees

- Create a short bio on the owner

- Unique things that are locally that relate to the business

- Reviews of customers

- Local events

- Driving directions

-Any press coverage is always a great thing to add

-An employee appreciation blog or recognition

-Local clientele

These are a few ways you can create unique content that is quality content and will help in ranking you on search engines, in particular Google.

  • Optimize your site

You need to go through your site and optimize your pages. Make sure you go through the hyperlinks, titles, and description tags to maximize local search engine rankings. You will also want to go through the keyword phrases and examine these to see if they have organic search engine ranks. Lastly, you want to make sure you stay within the character limitations for SERP, otherwise it will shorten your keyword phrases. A few good tools to try and optimize your sites are:

-   Google AdWords Keyword Planner

-    Moz’s Keyword Explorer tool

-   Google SERP Preview tool

  • NAP and your local citations

Your local citations are important. Some easy ones that are credible would be listing with your chambers of commerce and directions to your business. The more credible your citations are the better you will be ranked.

The other thing that is important is name, address, and phone number (NAP). Make sure this is correct and the same as in Google My Business (GMB). You want to make sure all your information is there and is correct. One great tool to use is Moz Local to make sure all your information is consistent.

  • Utilizing internal links

Internal links are when there are links that connect one page to another within a website. When these are reasonable and quality links, this can help give your site a boost in rank listing because of the number of credible links. Now, if you are going to do this, make sure the links are pertinent and help with user ease to increase the experience of your viewers in a positive way.

This idea of local SEO is nothing new, and if you can implement this in effective ways, you will increase local web traffic and boost your site or client’s site in the rankings. This may be time-consuming to create unique and quality content, but it’s very worth the time and energy. 

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