Living a Minimalist Lifestyle: doesn't have to be hard or weird!

3 years ago

I would consider myself a minimalist. Maybe not the extreme kind that you've heard of or those families who have an outhouse in their backyard. But in comparison to some, I live a minimalist lifestyle. I don't like clutter. I don't feel that I need to have the latest gadgets and kitchenware. I have no problem parting with clothes and items that hold no use for Hubby and I.  I'm constantly filling bags up for the Salvation Army to pick up. Do all of thoughts and facts make me a minimalist? Not necessarily. I believe that it's a way of life and a conscious thought process. But the end result has been what surprised me the most! I'm much happier with much less! minimalist lifestyle

It happened gradually.

By nature I'm an organizer and enjoy a thorough cleaning (not the actual work, but the result of it!). My personality doesn't tend towards hoarding and being a pack-rat. So I feel as if in this area I was given a "head start." Another thing that impacted my minimalism was the fact that Hubby and I moved into a 3rd floor, 1 bedroom apartment when we were married. The climb and limited space really limited what we brought into our home.  And one more thing set me over the edge. I have a best girlfriend who lives in a 2 bedroom, 800 square-foot apartment in NYC with 4 kids! If she can handle that, thrive and enjoy it, then I could too, I thought! After visiting my NYC girlfriend I was amazed at what could be accomplished with so little. I was amazed that it didn't take lots of things for this family to be happy! I was amazed at how well everything was handled! I. WAS. AMAZED. And I was inspired to be more minimalistic.

I didn't throw out everything I owned.

At this point I didn't throw out everything I owned! No, that's a bit extreme. But my mindset changed a little. Did I  really need another pair of flip flops to wear this summer? Do I really need another mixing spoon to sit with the dozen I already have? Is it really necessary for me to have a dozen boxes of Christmas decorations - of which I only use about half of the stuff anyway? Is it prudent for me to have 17 purses? No, we didn't throw out all of our worldly possessions; we trimmed it down a bit though. If you look around my apartment you will still see plastic bins of stuff and boxes of books. But that's okay. It's closer to living with less than before! With a new baby coming in August, we would need to be making room for him, as we live in a 1 bedroom apartment. So I began sorting through our clothes, decor, shoes, purses, etc. to purge! You would be surprised how much stuff even I could have that I don't need in a 1 bedroom apartment! I even found 4 pieces of furniture that we don't need that can be sold at a yard sale!

You don't really need a whole lot.

I'm learning that I can live with much less than I thought. Our world tells us that we need things, electronics, gadgets, clothes, etc to be happy. Marketing tactics are used to urge us to buy more. So we fill our houses with stuff - stuff that is often not used. And if thought about, we would realize that we don't truly need all of it.  (read the rest here)

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