Living Life on Purpose

As we begin this month of October and my favorite season on all, "Fall" I am thinking of all of the things in life that bring me joy and balance.  When I start to create my list it begins with slowing down and taking time for simple joys, like a morning walk, breathing deeply, being mindful of the relationships in my life, and experiencing old things in new ways.  Children help us with this process because everything they do brings a new discovery. 

This month be mindful of the time you spend with your family doing routine things like evening story time, or game night, or just enjoying a walk together.  These are the moments in life that are often pushed aside for business meetings, and one more task to check off our list at the end of day.  Even now as I sit here typing this blog post my boys are in their routines of bathtime and one-on-one time with dad.  I can hear the sounds of my youngest edging on his father on the football game, using football terms that he learned by listening, watching and observing.  When we take time to be mindful of moments, we grow in new ways. 

How will you practice the art of mindfulness today?  Here's a simple list to get started:

1.  Pause.  Throughout your day take moments to pause and ponder what is ahead and what you've just experienced. Think of a pause as a break from routine, to just consider what's next.

2.  Reflect.  Reflecting on your work, responses, and life can cause us to reconsider previous actions or to hold on to behaviors that bring warmth and joy to our lives.  Taking the time to reflect often reawakens new possibilities.  For every action, there should be a reflection time to revisit the moment and make plans for new paths ahead.

3.  Breath

Breathing causes us to infuse our minds and our bodies with fresh oxygen and to clear our heads.  Recently we visited the Grand Canyon, and the first thing we noticed when we stepped out of the car was how easy it was to breath.  We felt the altitude of rising above to new elevated heights, basking in the presence of nature and creation, and stilling away to the most awesome view.  Imagine everyday taking in a breath and reliving the Grand Canyon experience we had. You can breathe again!  Take it in, now.

4. Create.  New pathways are ready to burst forth from your heart and mind.  Create new possibilities by taking pen to paper and writing down a plan.  It begins with one simple plan.  This blog post is a result of one experience in Riverside, CA and writing down BlogHer as a starting point for creativity.  Writing it down causes action to begin and creativity to ignite.  Do it now.  Grab the pen, and begin to write and watch the creativity flow. 

What will the day bring?  Join me and share your journey by following my post.  KRR


We bring out the best in people, what's already there!"

Kelly Ramsey, M. S.

Development Consultant

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