Little Darlings: The Perfection of Imperfect Women

3 years ago
I can remember getting a wedding doll on two separate occasions at Christmas time when I was a child. They were perfect and beautiful. But unlike other girls, I didn't dream about the big, lavish wedding one day where I would wear a white wedding gown with all the frills. I would look at the dolls and absorb their vinyl perfection, women in miniature. To me, they were objects of art. That was in the early Sixties, just before the advent of the Women's Liberation Movement, gender equality and other such revolutions.

Several years ago I came across one of those objects of art in her original box and the box was marked "Little Darling." She had never been played with and she was perfect, a memento of my early childhood. I purchased her and brought her to some outdoor shows, but she never sold. Eventually, she ended up in a plastic crate in the cellar until a few nights ago, when my son, who had suddenly become ambitious, dragged the crate up the stairs and resurrected her. A little soiled for the wear, she is still perfection in her virginal white lacy gown, pearl drop earrings and clear lucite with sparkles high heels.

If only I could be that little darling that I love to gaze upon, but alas, I am older now, have no ambitions to marry and I'm certainly not perfect. Like many women, I get catty, gossip and disparage my fellow gender.

For example, a woman I know who has always claimed to be my friend asked for some help the other day. Now mind you, this woman drinks excessively and doesn't have the best reputation when it comes to selling, but she was desperate because her on-line store had been shut down due to an irate buyer who wanted her money back for something she had purchased. I said I would get in contact with somebody for her and never did. The long and short of it is that she eventually got back on her site, but the feedback she received was a huge negative rant. I didn't hesitate to tell some of the local shopkeepers about the post and we all got satisfaction over it,  discussing her shortcomings and lack of business ethics. It served her right!

This woman came in to the shop today and said "you never called me." I replied that I didn't because I didn't think there was anything I could have done about her situation, but what I didn't tell her is that the person she wanted me to call for her doesn't want anything to do with her. She walked out the door pretty angry.

Here's the thing: she is extremely successful in her business, despite her personal shortcomings and I guess those of us who know her are a little if not a lot jealous of her success. We feel as though it's not fair that somebody with her sloppy business dealings should have such golden opportunities. However, her enthusiasm and love for what she does spills out all over the place and she genuinely likes us, believing that we share the same feelings for her. But we feel cheated, so we have become petty, myself included. So with this little confession and the bad karma I helped to create, I'm letting it go, with a new resolve not to stoop to petty back stabbing and I wish her a continuation in her success, little darling that she is.

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