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5 years ago

I started dating my husband in September 1992. Our first Valentine's Day together was memorable. I am going to set up the story by giving some background first.

Boyd was a serial "dater". He had only had 2 "relationships" per say. One was in high school. I was coming off of a 9 year relationship that included a proposal.

My experience with lingerie was limited to what I had purchased for myself. Based on what I am about to tell you, Boyd did not have much experience at all.

Valentine's Day 1993 was on a Sunday. Boyd sent me a dozen roses to my work on the Friday before Valentine's Day. We had plans for dinner on Saturday night as well.

Before dinner, Boyd gave me a gift. It was in a RED bag and I could clearly see that it was from none other than "Frederick's of Hollywood"! I immediately flashed on a previous conversation we had had about lingerie and how I had said that "Frederick's of Hollywood" was for hookers. Lord-y.

I smiled and opened the bag. Inside was a red camisole and red tap pants. No lace, no crotch less sex panties, just a simple, silk, red ensemble. It was not shiny or trashy looking at all. Very, dare I say it, elegant even!

Boyd was beaming with pride. He told me how the 'girls" in the store helped him choose it and how he told them I was "very classy" (hahahahaha!), and would not like anything too trashy…even though he liked all of the items in the store. How sweet is that?

Well, as I have said many times, Boyd and I are going to celebrate 20 years married this year. I literally have worn the Valentine's lingerie 2 times in our marriage and just about 2 years ago, I finally threw it away. It can last forever, when it never gets worn.

I am a big fan of pretty undergarments. I love soft, lace, delicate fabrics. I have plenty of "practical" foundations but mostly my undies are perfectly fabulous. My daughters are mesmerized by my underwear. I actually just bought some new stuff a bit ago and Grace and Lea were so excited to "help" me take the tags off. My SIL buys me lovely items from Cosabella and when I can pull it off, I may even wear a fabu negligee to bed. You know, when the girls are gone.....

The cliché purchase of lingerie for Valentine's Day is just that, cliché. Now that I am 21 years with my man, I know that is favorite lingerie is the kind that lies on the floor after I take it off...or better yet, never even put it on. He is a practical man. Brilliantly so.

I firmly believe that Boyd would have never married me if I had embraced his fantasy of trashy "Frederick's" lingerie. I think I may have saved the both of us by preparing him for my tolerance in this arena. The garters and stockings and corsets and negligées are hidden away in my closet. I pack my wedding night "gown" when we go away for our anniversary, but otherwise the lingerie consists of just pretty undies. The memories of our sexy lingerie wearing dates will have to suffice....just a lingering lingerie memory.

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