Life Gets Better

7 months ago
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There came a day, not so very long ago, when I looked at myself in the mirror and began to cry. I did not even recognize the person I had become.

Crushing the scale at nearly 500 pounds with a drinking problem to match, the shell on the outside definitely told the story of the soul on the inside. I felt lost and alone. It was probably the lowest moment of my life.

I knew that I was at a crossroads, and sadly, giving up felt easier than going on. I’m sure many of you have found yourself at this place at one time or another.

Let me tell you this, when you feel yourself sliding down that rope at a hundred miles an hour, headed for the wicked crash, HOLD ON!

Call upon all of your inner strength and determination to tighten your grip and hang in there! It gets better, I promise. It gets easier, believe me. Tie a knot in the end of that rope and hang on for dear life! Call out to your friends and family. They will rescue you. Trust me when I say, they want to help. They will see your FREE-FALL coming, even before you are ready to perceive it yourself. They are waiting, just hoping for a sign or a signal that whispers, “I need you.” Give it to them. It may just trigger the miracle that will save your life.


Today, I passed by a picture window on my way to my weekly WEIGHT WATCHERS meeting and stopped abruptly to stare at myself. The transformation over the years had been gradual.

Obviously I knew that I had lost weight, lots and lots of weight. I just hadn’t really noticed the significance of the massive change because I’d ceased looking at my body in the mirror.

Today, as I stood there with my jeans falling off and my shirt hanging down, nearly to my knees, I recognized that maybe my faith and determination had actually paid off. I flashed a big cheesy grin at myself and went on into my class. I stepped on the scale to see that this week I had not lost any weight, but inside I realized that I had gained so much; the confidence to go on, the faith in my future, pride in my accomplishments and a love for myself.

Life gets better. Believe me when I tell you, life gets better.