Life Changes

5 years ago

I have been through many "life changes" in my life. I grew up in Brookly, New York and lived in the same apartment until I moved away from home. Ever since that time I have moved numerous times. When I moved away from home I went to Florida, talk about a life change. I lived there for a couple of years before meeting my future ex husband. After meeting him I made the move to Indiana in 1979. The first town I lived in was Kokomo then to several other cities since and now I have come full circle and am back in Kokomo once again. There have been so many changes in my life some not so good and one, the best change I could ever make. I was married for over 20 years and raised 3 children ( 2 girls and a boy). Now those children are grown and two have children of their own. I got divorced in 2006, which brought even more change to my life. I went a little crazy after my divorce, searching for some fulfillment. I lost a lot of weight, cut and dyed my hair and started a job that would lead me to new friendships. I partied and spent a lot of time denying I was getting older and I am sure my children worried about me. I made some choices that were questionable. I discovered the world of the internet and made some "friends" on there. Some real friendships did come out of that and I even met my husband on the internet. My kids didn't (and still don't) like to think that I met someone on the internet. I do believe that God led me to my husband because he brought me to church with him which in turn led to me being saved (or born again). That thing that I was searching for was discovered, now that empty feeling is full, the Holy Spirit lives within me now.

My husband and I got married in 2008, during that first year of our marriage we experienced many life changes together. He lost his job one month after we married and remained out of work for 6 months. We had grandchildren born that year, we both lost our mothers, I had surgery, and we had kids move back home and leave again. We experienced so much in that first year , probably more than most people experience in years of marriage. Looking back on it all we see that God took care of us through everything. We never would have made it through any of it if it wasn't for God. In 2010 our grandson came to live with us, so there we were sitting in our "mamaw" and "papaw" chairs wondering, what's next. We were back dealing with changing diapers, finding a babysitter, and sleepless nights. Now three years later we are going through another life change, transitioning from working for some company to working for ourselves. We are trusting God to take care of us and lead us to where he wants us to go.

Our grandson thinks of church as his second home, even though it is 75 miles away. We travel down on Sunday and Thursday night for bible study. He and I make the Thursday night drive alone since my husband works second shift. We've had various people join us for a time but then they eventually stopped going so it's just the two of us again.

So with this latest life change I thought I would try out the world of blogging to see how it goes and to give me a place to write about this life change and see where we started. I don't know if anyone will ever read this and I really don't know how I even feel about people I don't know reading about my life. With that being said, let the journey begin!


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