In Lieu of Flowers....

5 years ago

My friend Felicia was helping me with the cemetery, markers, and other burial planning details. To be honest, we probably frightened poor Sam a little bit! Between the 2 of us and our *ahem* unique sense of humor one could say we were a little bit borderline inappropriate..shall we say. What can I say? It is one way to deal with all the horrifying details involved in burying a loved one.

Anyhow, as we were discussing the obituary and the obscene cost of putting it in the local newspaper, I mentioned that Hubby and I had discussed donations to the American Cancer Society or Colon Cancer Alliance in lieu of flowers.

Let’s face it – funeral flower arrangements are nice but they eventually die. Plants are nice but I’m a known plant killer and eventually those poor plants would also bite the dust.

Hubby and I thought that the money spent on flowers or plants could be put to better use – cancer research.

Felicia had a MUCH better, more awesome idea instead. She suggested that in lieu of flowers, people give that money towards Charlie’s Texas 529 plan, a college savings account we set up when Charlie was born. That way people can use their money for something that would really help me and Charlie down the road – his college education.

So far over $400 has been added to Charlie’s Texas 529 account by generous friends and family.

I encourage everyone to consider this idea when handling the death of a family member or loved one who has young children. Instead of wasting money on pretty flowers which will die in a week or two, consider donating to a child’s college fund or even setting one up for them. That money, compounded with interest over time, will grow and help the family out at a later time when it is truly needed.

What better way to honor and celebrate someone’s life than to help their child to be able to attend university or college later on?


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