Liberals are NOT for Women's Rights

4 years ago

Probably nothing on this planet that more immensely annoys me than the obnoxious liberal men all over the media.

"For women's rights!" and "We love women!" while advertising crap that simply degrades women annoys me so much.

What annoys me even more (I know I'm using the word "annoys" all too often right now) is the brainwashing it causes. My mother, a liberal, still puts up with the shit that Bill Maher says every Friday night on's almost like she just takes the criticism that he has for specific women or women in general such as herself, and she absolutely has no negative reaction towards any of it. The worst part is, I ask her furiously (not infuriated at her, obviously) why she listens to it and she doesn't seem to think that there's anything wrong with it. To make matters worse, she watches the show "Girls" which makes women look like very ditzy and sleazy and stupid and she doesn't realize how offensive the show can be to many women. For goodness sake, my FATHER doesn't even like that show, and he's a guy!


But my point here is not to criticise my mother, who has thoroughly gone out of her way to ALWAYS be there for me. My point is to attack those hypocritical, obnoxious liberal men who constantly make money off of women through pornography, abortions, birth control sales and the general media. I tell you this, fellow women: as long as you're doing what these men want you to do, they are "for your rights". They only "care about your body" and want you to "respect your body" if you're benefiting their sales and the amount of (cheap paper) money that ends up in their hands--whether they're pharmacists, doctors, directors, insurance agents or businessmen. As long as you are buying that makeup to make yourselves look "prettier" then they will "be for your rights."

Because, may I ask, since when has referring to my vagina as a cat considered "for women's rights" and "respecting women"? Since when have these beautiful breasts on my chest that are called "tits" been for "my benefit" as a woman?

Fellow females...since when has capitalism not helped me gain success and climb to the top, so I may keep receiving degree after degree until I get to the top? Since when has socialism in fact "helped" me become happy when I know that I will never be able to reach the goals I want to achieve?

Tell me, women, how many times you have heard a Republican, man or woman, SPECIFICALLY insult YOU and YOUR body.

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