Letter to My Future Self at 82

8 months ago
YouTubeBeatles - Don't Let Me Down
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Tell me Future Self...  (with music! Beatles, Don't Let Me Down)

I don’t know if you will be a Dearie or a Hot Mama but I am curious as to what else you know now.

Did you decide to eat chocolate every day, because you are certainly headed that way

Is brandy a regular part of your evening or still used specifically for “medicinal” purposes?

Is red wine enjoyed from Friday to Sunday…only?

Did you ever get to Stonehenge? Run your finger down the ancient stones of century old castles?

Have you ever been in a car stopped by a sheep crossing the road (just like in that movie whatever it’s called)

Did you ever tell someone “You Can’t Be SERIOUS?” because they are just plain stupid?

Do you still enjoy seeing cute young men that walk with an obvious swagger, because life has not disappointed them yet

Have you ever winked at one (or more) or them?

Do overly animated “look-at-me” people still make you bonkers?

Or have you grown more still, but say “idiot” in your mind

Or are you just too deaf to hear them?

Does the sweetness of a sunrise, make you think of heaven, whatever that might be to you

And the fresh smell of a baby make you close your eyes with wonder

Do you still love to read, do you have a waitlist at the library

Do you discard and return the book someone recommended because it is just trash in your eyes

Oh, please tell me that you are no longer THAT polite to struggle through

I don't have to be what you want me to be. 

I'm free to be who I want. 

Muhammad Ali

Ah, thank you for this time together my 20 years down the road self

I hear your voice telling me, poking me, to be More

I’ve decided, you are definitely a hot mama.

I need to know

Tell me that the loves of your life are safe

Because as I write this, I see their faces and marvel at whom they will become

They are the important ones.

(They might not have been given to me by blood, but they are the ones who have given me their heart.)

They are the ones to be honoured and treasured and hugged and loved today.

And as I see you fade, I hear you say

Start winking at cute strangers

Start winking at Life


Each Today we get to be our future self.

Who do you choose to be?

Today. Don't Let Me Down.

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